Engage and Convert with Interactive Marketing

In today's dynamic landscape, it's not enough to broadcast your message and hope it sticks. Interactive marketing empowers businesses like yours to create meaningful conversations with their audience.
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Why Interactive Marketing?

How Does Interactive Digital Marketing Benefit You?

By fostering genuine engagement, brands can better understand their customers' needs, preferences, and behaviors. This not only strengthens the bond between brand and consumer but also paves the way for higher conversion rates and lasting loyalty. For B2B companies, this approach can be especially effective given the often complex and longer sales cycles.

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Interactive Product Spotlight (IPS)

An Interactive Product Spotlight is a dynamic, digital experience that provides an effective and engaging platform to highlight your product, service, rebranding, or event (commercial). It can include images, descriptions, features and benefits, case studies, downloads, and CTAs.

An IPS will help you:

  1. Engage users interactively translating to longer time spent with your content
  2. Foster a deeper connection with your audience
  3. Fit diverse marketing needs, ensuring consistency and adaptability
  4. Provide a holistic view of your product, solution, or service
  5. Inform and capture leads through CTAs and download options
  6. Weaves a story around your offering creating an emotional connection
  7. Yield analytics on user interactions, to show what resonates most
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Sponsored eBooks

A Sponsored eBook offers you the opportunity to sponsor a custom eBook created by our design professionals and editorial staff and marketed to your preferred BNP Media Brand. It is based on industry topics, editorial content, brand events, research studies, awards and more (non-commercial). Leverage your content and supplement it with content from BNP Media, with a design provided by BNP Engage.

An Sponsored eBook will benefit you by:

  1. Becoming associated with valuable content, thus increasing visibility among your target audience
  2. Positioning your company as a thought leader, fostering trust and credibility
  3. Using decades worth of data cultivated by BNP Media to highlight your expertise
  4. Focusing on specific industry topics or events, ensuring the content resonates with your buyers
  5. Providing engagement metrics offering insights into behavior, preferences, and interactions, which can inform future marketing strategies
  6. When users engage with interactive content that’s both fun and informative, it boosts your brand’s credibility
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Custom-coded Development

Unlike using pre-made templates or platforms, custom coding ensures that your interactive digital asset is tailored precisely to fit your needs. It involves the process of building digital assets from scratch using programming languages and frameworks, tailored to meet specific requirements.

How can custom development position you for success?

  1. Ensures a unique user experience and functionalities that align with business objectives
  2. Allows you to create lead generation tools specific for your industry and your customers’ needs
  3. Helps you stand out from the competition, offering actions that off-the-shelf solutions can't provide
  4. Empowers businesses with digital assets that are unique, efficient, adaptable, and future-proof
  5. Can be optimized for performance with faster load times and smoother user experiences
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Interactivity Increases Engagement

Interactive Digital Marketing isn't just another marketing tactic. It's an immersive experience that can captivate, inform, and inspire action, positioning your product or solution front and center in the minds of your audience.

Here's how digital interactivity can boost conversions in marketing:

  1. Interactivity captures attention more effectively than static content
  2. Personalized experiences resonate more with users, leading to higher conversion rates
  3. Interactive content is more memorable meaning visitors are more likely to retain the information presented
  4. Highly engaging interactive content is more likely to be shared
  5. Engaging content can lead to longer page visits and higher click-through rates, both of which are positive signals for search engine algorithms

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