Sponsored eBooks

Sponsor topic-centric articles are packaged as an interactive digital experience, co-branded with BNP Media content for maximum readability. We handle all publishing details to provide leads for you.

Market Your Brand to BNP’s Audience

A Sponsored eBook markets your brand and content directly to a targeted, qualified audience of one of BNP Media’s publications. Our team will work with you to incorporate 3-5 articles of your content, blended with up to 3 pieces of BNP Media content selected for your audience and goals.

Your logo and business details will be prominently featured in your custom eBook. Our experts will provide guidance and recommendations to ensure your eBook adheres to best practices.

Digital Marketing Packages Built For Your Goals

Your BNP Sales Representative can work directly with you to build a package focused on your unique needs, goals, and budget. Schedule a discovery call to learn more.
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Package Benefits

Your eBook is designed and built around your content and brand, and is supported by the full strength of BNP’s reach to our highly qualified audiences. Choose a topic or our editorial team will suggest one. Either way, we handle design, production, hosting, and deployment, to provide leads for your biz dev efforts.

  1. Created by our design professionals through a collaborative process
  2. Up to 3 full page ads
  3. Your logo on the cover, linked to your website homepage or other web page of your choice
  4. Promoted in an eBlast to one of BNP’s publications subscribers, allowing you direct reach to a qualified audience of prospective customers
  5. Provide analytics and recommendations on how you can leverage your eBook throughout your marketing efforts
  6. Designed, laid out, proofed and launched in as little as 90 days from kickoff

Beat Writer's Block with BNP Engage

At BNP Engage, we have the tools to help you write optimized content tailored for your audience across all digital platforms. Say goodbye to writer’s block and hello to your new B2B content marketing partner!
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