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Every business has unique needs for website hosting. We offer a diverse range of website hosting packages tailored to suit your requirements and budget. Our hosting features include:
Our dedicated B2B Web Hosting solutions are designed for your WordPress site
How Hosting Works

Hosting: Find the Right Solution for Your Needs

If you have a website, web hosting is a must. Terms like domain names and DNS mapping may have crossed your path. Through our experience, it's become apparent that many people find it challenging to distinguish between these various components to bring a website to life.

Read an overview of hosting, simplifying it to its essential components, and understand how we manage hosting solutions for our clients at BNP Engage.

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Business Website Hosting + CoreUX

Get secure hosting in a dedicated environment providing an extra level of security that includes:

$390 billed every 6 months

  • Online chat support with WP Engine

  • Includes CoreUX Licensing

  • Schema ready

  • Follows web and accessibility standards

Built on CoreElements Framework, a plugin packed with customized options and features to maximize the impact of your site, including:

  • Custom Post Types

  • Elementor Widgets and Custom Templates

Cost: $65 per month, $390 billed every 6 months

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Premier Website Hosting + CoreUX

Our top-tier website hosting service for those who value convenience and excellence. Offers the same as our Business Website Hosting package, plus:

$315 per month

  1. Our team will conduct monthly website plugins updates to ensure that everything is running smoothly tol help prevent security risks and overall functionality errors.
  2. Should your website be compromised, we’ll restore it to a previous version at no charge. Without the Premier Hosting package, this process would incur additional costs.
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Business Hosting (Without Core UX)

Secure hosting that will keep your site up and running. For Wordpress sites built without the CoreUX platform, does not include plugin license subscriptions.

$50 per month, billed every 6 months

  1. Secure hosting that will keep your site up and running.
  2. Has ample storage and best-in-class security.
  3. Offers faster load times and a backup restoration feature.
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Premier Website Hosting (Without CoreUX)

Keeping your site up and running - and providing service that goes beyond. For sites built without the Core UX platform. Cost does not include plugin license subscriptions.

$300 per month

  1. Best for mission-critical, traffic-driven websites that need to maximize uptime and performance.
  2. Constantly monitoring and providing 99.9% uptime.
  3. Provides WordPress plugin upgrades with the newest features and restoration if needed.
  4. Repair in the chance your website is compromised.
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Our Website Hosting Features

When choosing a hosting plan, consider your internal resources and plan for troubleshooting if any issues arise. The benefits of hosting your website with BNP Engage include worrying less about your site performance, and knowing that we have your back and will be quick to help if anything happens.

Clients who choose the Business Website Hosting plan and need help with upgrades, plugins, or any other hosting-related issues, can reach out and engage us for support at our hourly rate. Premier hosting and support plans are available.

  1. Dedicated Server Your business will have a dedicated account with only Creative MMS clients. This means you your site will perform better, be more secure, and get a boost in SEO results.
  2. Ample Storage Our websites are hosted on a fast, highly scalable architecture that allows our clients to host 5GB worth of photos, videos, code, and other files.
  3. Optimized for Speed Our content delivery network (CDN) delivers data from the servers closest to your visitors, therefore optimizing your website’s speed and performance.
  4. Backups and Restoration Our servers offer automated daily backups and instant restorations. You can breathe easy knowing your data is saved in case there is an emergency.
  5. Staging Sites All sites include a testing environment to be used for updates and to ensure your website quality is never compromised. Users will never see a broken link or unfinished copy.
  6. Bulletproof Security We use the same enterprise-grade infrastructure and real-time threat detection that is trusted by governments and Fortune 50 companies. You can rest assured that your site is secure.
  7. Preventative Maintenance Ongoing maintenance can keep known code exploits disabled and avoid attacks that can take advantage of vulnerabilities in applications, networks, or hardware.

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B2B Website Hosting

Every business has unique needs for website hosting. We offer a diverse range of website hosting packages tailored to suit your requirements and budget.
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