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Formulate a CRM Strategy and Plan

CRM strategy and planning involve the careful orchestration of your company's customer relationship management to align with your business goals. It dictates how to manage interactions with current and potential customers, leveraging CRM technology to maximize the potential and value of every customer relationship.

CRM strategy and planning will help you:

  1. Improve customer insights
  2. Allocate internal resources effectively and break down silos between departments
  3. Identify cross-selling and up-selling opportunities
  4. Provide a unified view of all customer interactions
  5. Reflect your unique sales processes, customer engagement strategies, and reporting needs
  6. Encourage user adoption by making the system intuitive and relevant for the employees who will use it daily

Get a Full Picture with CRM Integration

CRM integration allows your business to connect your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software with other systems and applications used by your company, which could include: webinar software, event registration, enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, ecommerce platforms and various tools.

Consistently integrating information with your CRM empowers you by:

  1. Providing a single, comprehensive view of each customers
  2. Ensuring that sales, marketing, and customer service teams all have access to the same data
  3. Enabling more accurate analytics and reporting, leading to informed decision-making
  4. Eliminating manual data entry and reduces errors
  5. Helping your company remain agile and scalable

CRM Automation Saves Time

CRM automation reduces the time employees spend on manual tasks, allowing them to focus on more strategic activities that require human insight. It can ensure tasks are performed consistently and accurately, reducing the risk of human error and ensuring all customers receive the same level of service.

Automating processes and communication through your CRM will help your business:

  1. Ensure that leads are nurtured over time with scheduled follow-ups
  2. Move prospects through your sales pipeline more efficiently
  3. Proactively manage customer relationships
  4. Give teams have more time to spend on more complex tasks
  5. Collect and analyze data from interactions with prospects and customers, providing valuable insights
  6. Ensure that customer inquiries and issues are addressed quickly

Setup Your CRM for Success

CRM setup helps configure a Customer Relationship Management system according to your specific needs and objectives. This setup includes the installation of the software, integration with existing systems, customization of features, and the initial input of data into the system.

With proper CRM setup, you can:

  1. Allow for targeted marketing and personalized sales approaches
  2. Quickly onboard new sales reps and team members
  3. Ensure that data is collected accurately
  4. Provide insights into sales performance, customer behavior, and market trends
  5. Ensure that the CRM can scale as your company grows and needs evolve

Be Data Driven with Reporting & Analytics

Analytics provide a factual basis for decisions, minimizing guesswork and enabling strategic planning. Reporting allows your business to track the performance of sales, marketing, and customer service efforts, identifying what works and what doesn’t. Combining both is a powerful tool!

How can a B2B business benefit from CRM reporting and analytics?

  1. Help in creating detailed profiles for better targeting and communication
  2. Refine sales processes, improve conversion rates, and shorten sales cycles
  3. Optimize campaigns and improve return on investment
  4. Identify opportunities to increase the lifetime value of customers
  5. Use historical data to predict future customer behaviors and sales trends
  6. Provide insight into customer satisfaction and loyalty

Kick It Off with CRM User Training

Proper training ensures that the company gets the most out of its investment in the CRM system by fully utilizing its capabilities. BNP Engage works with your marketing, sales, and service teams to ensure they understand how the CRM works, why it exists, and best practices to maximize your CRM’s potential.

How will training your internal teams on how to use your CRM benefit your company?

  1. Trained employees are more likely to input data correctly, leading to a cleaner, more reliable database
  2. When teams know how to use CRM tools effectively leads to increased productivity
  3. Teams that are adept at using CRM can manage customer interactions more effectively
  4. Proper training reduces resistance to new systems and processes
  5. Employees who feel equipped to do their jobs are generally more satisfied and less likely to leave

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