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Leveraging our collaboration with BNP Media and its extensive portfolio of branded publications, BNP Engage crafts custom digital marketing solutions that align your brand with its intended audience.
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Leveraging BNP Media's extensive data, industry expertise, and an omnichannel marketing approach, we offer unparalleled precision in strategy and campaign execution.

This collaboration leads to industry-specific results that drive connections and fuel growth through strategic content integration on their publications and in your marketing efforts.

Harnessing Legacy & Innovation

BNP Media is the largest privately-held company of its kind in North America, boasting a near-century legacy. Specializing in sectors like engineering, manufacturing, packaging, mechanical, and construction, BNP Media excels in connecting businesses with their target audiences through diverse services.
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Manufacturing and Industrial

Achieving business objectives while efficiently promoting products and services necessitates a partner that comprehends the intricate fabric of the industry, the competitive landscape, and the ever-evolving customer needs. BNP Engage, leveraging the vast knowledge of BNP Media's industrial network, offers a unique advantage. This collaboration ensures a seamless integration of content-driven strategies, innovative digital marketing solutions, and targeted audience engagement tactics. Our approach fosters meaningful connections, enhances your digital footprint, and sets a path for ongoing growth and market leadership. By marrying BNP Media’s brand expertise and industry relationships with our digital skill, we unlock opportunities for manufacturing and industrial companies to thrive in an increasingly digital ecosystem.

A commercial glass manufacturer needed to improve their digital marketing. BNP Engage was there to help!

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Our BNP Media Partners in Manufacturing and Industrial

Food, Beverage, and Packaging

Standing out in the food, beverage, and packaging industry means connecting deeply with your audience and staying ahead of changing market dynamics. This is where BNP Engage steps in, armed with BNP Media brand's comprehensive industry knowledge. Our strategic partnership allows us to dive deep into your industry's specific challenges and opportunities, crafting custom digital marketing solutions that resonate with your target market. From understanding the latest consumer trends to navigating industry changes, our collaborative expertise positions your brand as a leader, driving innovation, and capturing the attention of prospects and customers. With a focus on creating lasting customer relationships and leveraging data-driven insights, we help your brand lead in the marketplace.

An Organic Dairy needed to update their brand across their digital marketing. BNP Engage was here to help!

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Our BNP Media Partners in Food, Beverage, and Packaging

Architecture, Engineering, and Construction

Elevating your business in a market overcrowded with talent and innovation demands strategic storytelling and targeted digital experiences that speak directly to your ideal audience. Through our strategic alliance with BNP Media and its architecture, engineering, and construction brands, BNP Engage brings to a deep understanding of the AEC industry, enhanced by decades of editorial content and industry connections. This partnership empowers us to tailor our marketing strategies to highlight the unique values and vision of your firm. By leveraging innovative digital marketing tools and analytics, we amplify your voice and help it reach the right audience, turning potential clients into loyal advocates of your brand.

A rapid response engineering and construction company needed a website that functioned as well on the back end as it looked on the front end. BNP Engage was here to help!

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Our BNP Media Partners in AEC

Mechanical Systems

As the Mechanical Systems industry technically advances and market demands shift, establishing a strong online presence and effectively articulating your brand’s value is paramount. BNP Engage, in collaboration with BNP Media’s deep industry roots and editorial expertise, crafts a marketing strategy that goes beyond the traditional methods. Our holistic approach encompasses market trends, competitive analysis, and consumer behavior insights, ensuring your marketing efforts are effective and impactful. By highlighting your technical abilities, commitment to sustainability, and customer-focused solutions, we help position your brand as a leader in the Mechanical Systems landscape, attracting leads and fostering growth.

When a global engineering, repair and logistics company needed a digital marketing partner, BNP Engage was here to help!

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Our BNP Media Partners in Mechanical Systems


In the constantly evolving B2B tech sector, your marketing efforts need to be as dynamic and forward-thinking as the solutions you offer. BNP Engage, leveraging BNP Media's industry-leading insights and a network of technology professionals, provides a strategic advantage that surpasses conventional marketing frameworks. Our expertise in crafting educational content, combined with the latest digital marketing techniques, positions your tech offerings in front of your target audience. We understand the nuances of the technology sector, enabling us to create campaigns that highlight your innovations and demonstrate your thought leadership and technical excellence. Through this partnership, we position your marketing strategy around visibility, driving meaningful engagement, and fostering lasting relationships in the tech community.

Our BNP Media Partners in Technology


Marketing for B2B security companies requires a nuanced understanding of the industry's unique challenges, including: establishing trust, creating a unique selling proposition, and conveying complex solutions in an accessible manner. BNP Engage, in partnership with BNP Media’s Security brands, leverages a wealth of security industry insights and a broad network of professionals to craft marketing strategies that resonate. Our approach focuses on digital methodologies, content authenticity, and targeted engagement to address the specific needs of the security industry. We help security companies communicate their value in a way that builds trust, demonstrates expertise, and engages the right audience, to help drive growth and establish market leadership.

Our BNP Media Partners in Security

B2B Business Services

For B2B business services, staying ahead of the curve means not just keeping up with trends but setting them. BNP Engage excels in translating data insights into actionable digital marketing strategies. Our partnership enriches your marketing efforts with a blend of industry-specific data, trend analysis, and real-time optimization. We understand the unique challenges faced by B2B service providers, from creating compelling content to demonstrating value in a competitive landscape. By leveraging our collective expertise, we craft custom marketing solutions that meet your immediate goals and position your company for future growth, ensuring long-term success and client engagement.

When a global talent and solutions company needed to relaunch their brand, BNP Engage was here to help!

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Our BNP Media Partners

Life Sciences

Science is all about building hypotheses, experimenting, and tracking data. We take a scientific, data-driven approach to our B2B life science marketing. We’ll evaluate your current business personas, identify your unique selling proposition, and craft strategic messaging to engage your target audience. By keeping a pulse on consumer trends and continuously testing ways to improve, we ensure your digital presence exceeds expectations.

When a life science custom manufacturing company needed a cutting-edge website to reflect their history and quality, BNP Engage was here to help!

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