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At BNP Engage, we specialize in partnering with various B2B industries to deliver exceptional digital marketing solutions tailored to their unique needs. Our expertise spans across several areas which harmonize with the industries served by BNP Media’s 100+ media properties and targeted audiences.
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Looking for a B2B marketing agency to help grow your brand? We’re here to tell you upfront whether your business services organization and our agency are well-suited for a partnership.

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From digital marketing strategies to innovative websites, the BNP Engage team is here to guide your growth. We understand the unique challenges of B2B markets and have the BNP Media audience and data information to drive decision making.
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Manufacturing and Industrial

We play a crucial role in helping B2B manufacturing and industrial companies achieve their business goals and effectively promote their products or services. By leveraging the expertise of BNP Engage at BNP Media, manufacturing and industrial companies can help enhance their overall digital presence, attract new customers, build relationships, and ultimately drive growth in a competitive market.

A commercial glass manufacturer needed to improve their digital marketing. BNP Engage was there to help!

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Food, Beverage, and Packaging

With our expertise in the food, beverage and packaging industry, we are committed to helping your company gain a competitive edge, increase market share, and build long-lasting customer relationships. We bring deep industry knowledge and understanding of market trends and competitive landscape. We can also provide valuable insights and strategies tailored specifically for your unique challenges and opportunities within the industry.

An Organic Dairy needed to update their brand across their digital marketing. BNP Engage was here to help!

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Architecture, Engineering, and Construction

In the highly competitive Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industry, standing out and effectively reaching your target audience is crucial for your business success. While your core expertise lies in designing and building exceptional structures, partnering with BNP Engage can truly take your AEC business to new heights. We have the knowledge to develop and execute on targeted marketing strategies to reach your ideal clients.

A rapid response engineering and construction company needed a website that functioned as well on the back end as it looked on the front end. BNP Engage was here to help!

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Mechanical Systems

As the Mechanical Systems industry constantly evolves, it's imperative to establish a strong market presence and effectively communicate your value proposition. With our industry data and consumer behavior, BNP Engage can create tailored marketing strategies and help put them into action. We'll highlight your company's unique offerings, expertise, and commitment to excellence enabling you to differentiate in the market and attract new leads.

When a global engineering, repair and logistics company needed a digital marketing partner, BNP Engage was here to help!

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Working with BNP Engage experts who specialize in the B2B technology industry can help whittle down your to-do list and focus your efforts on growing your business. We bring expertise, creativity, and a fresh perspective to the table. Just like you, our team of experts stay up-to-date with the latest marketing trends and technologies, and are able to provide you with innovative solutions to your marketing challenges.


When it comes to marketing, B2B security companies face unique challenges. You need to establish trust with your audience, differentiate yourself from competitors, and convey complex information in a clear manner. But with the rise of digital channels, traditional marketing tactics aren't enough. If you want to succeed in today's market, you need a digital marketing agency like BNP Engage that understands your audience and pain points.

B2B Business Services

We keep a pulse on key trends for B2B services provider partners to help their businesses stay ahead of the curve. Using real-time data, ongoing research and optimization, and proven experience, we craft online growth marketing strategies that convert. As a B2B marketing agency ourselves, we can empathize with your unique challenges. That’s why we work hard to turn those challenges into opportunities to connect with your target audience.

When a global talent and solutions company needed to relaunch their brand, BNP Engage was here to help!

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Life Sciences

Science is all about building hypotheses, experimenting, and tracking data. We take a scientific, data-driven approach to our B2B life science marketing. We’ll evaluate your current business personas, identify your unique selling proposition, and craft strategic messaging to engage your target audience. By keeping a pulse on consumer trends and continuously testing ways to improve, we ensure your digital presence exceeds expectations.

When a life science custom manufacturing company needed a cutting-edge website to reflect their history and quality, BNP Engage was here to help!

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