How to Turn Email Data into B2B Marketing Strategies

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Harness B2B Email Marketing Metrics for Success

Every time you send an email, your CRM collects valuable data. Who opened your email? How many times was it opened? Who clicked on the links in the email? This data provides you with valuable insights into your audience’s behavior and their level of interest in your B2B products or services.

However, many businesses struggle to transform their email marketing data into effective strategies. Not digging into your email metrics can result in sending content that isn’t relevant to your audience, leading to unsubscribes and a decrease in potential leads.

By downloading our guide, "How to Turn Email Data into B2B Marketing Strategies," you'll learn:

  • The most important email marketing metrics
  • How to build automated workflows based on engagement data
  • Ways to adjust your content strategy after reviewing analytics
  • Email benchmarks by industry

Data-driven B2B email marketing strategies are much more effective than sending emails based on guesswork. Download our guide and checklist to maximize the potential of your inbound marketing efforts!

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