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90% of the US population is active on at least one social media platform. If your brand doesn’t have a strategic social presence, you’re missing out on valuable customer engagement opportunities.
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Strengthen Your B2B Social Media Strategy

Does your business have a strategy behind the content you’re posting on social media? If not, you’ll struggle to maintain a consistent presence that keeps new followers flooding in. Luckily, social media scheduling tools are available to help guide your process and track performance along the way.

Watch our video to learn how you can save time and craft viral-worthy social content.

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The Benefits of Organic Social Media

For B2B brands, posting to organic social media platforms isn't just about chasing likes or shares. It's a space to showcase thought leadership, engage directly with your target audience, and amplify your brand story. It's your opportunity to be less “corporate” and more “community”.

Check out these benefits of building an organic social media marketing strategy:

  1. Humanizes your brand and showcases your unique company culture.
  2. Enhances brand visibility and exposes your brand to a larger audience.
  3. Offers prospects and potential hires a sneak peek into your business.
  4. Provides a cost-effective but highly impactful way to market your brand.
  5. Indirectly improves your search engine rankings, driving more web traffic.
  6. Delivers an additional, highly personalized customer service channel.
  7. Educates your audience and, in turn, builds your own credibility as a leader in the industry.
  8. Other than time spent it creating the posts, it is essentially free.
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Amplify Your Reach with Paid Social Media

Chances are that your competitors are already on social media platforms. Want to expand your reach even more to a highly targeted audience beyond your existing followers? Paid social media marketing campaigns empower your brand to do just that!

Discover the benefits of launching a paid social campaign:

  1. Offers instant results vs. building an organic platform from scratch.
  2. Allows you to A/B test different ad creatives, messages, and targeting options.
  3. Provides a competitive edge over brands who only post organically.
  4. Boosts the performance of your highest-priority social content.
  5. Delivers in-depth insights into campaign performance and engagement.
  6. Creates opportunities for high-converting retargeting campaigns.
  7. Assess the general sentiment around your brand. Are comments and mentions largely positive, negative, or neutral?
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Gain Insights with Social Reporting

Now that you’ve started posting to social media platforms, you’ll want to continuously track your metrics to ensure your posts resonate with your audience. Our team of experts monthly social media reporting as well as insights and actionable next steps to help you continuously improve your content strategy.

Tracking your monthly social media performance metrics helps answer questions such as:

  1. Which platform does my audience prefer?
  2. What kind of content does my audience interact with the most?
  3. How much is my audience growing month-over-month?
  4. Which industries are your posts reaching?
  5. Are my paid social media ads generating a positive ROI?
  6. How many leads am I generating through social media?
  7. What subjects or keywords are currently trending in my industry?
  8. How often is my brand being mentioned compared to my competitors?
  9. Am I hitting the KPIs and objectives I set for my social media activities, such as number of new followers or a target engagement rate?

Conduct a B2B Social Media Audit

While reporting tends to dive into your social media performance month-over-month, a B2B social media audit goes much deeper. This comprehensive examination evaluates your brand's profiles across different platforms, scrutinizing their performance and identifying opportunities to enhance your social media marketing efforts.

By conducting a social media audit, you’ll find out:

  1. Who your audience is in terms of their industry, company size, etc.
  2. Which platforms are delivering the best ROI, helping you focus your efforts.
  3. What your engagement rate is across platforms compared to competitors.
  4. Whether your branding is consistent across your digital presence.
  5. If you’re posting content when your audience is online.
  6. Which website links are the most popular amongst followers.

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