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When Franklin Electric needed to to promote how their brand's intelligent EV Solutions, they worked with BNP Engage to develop a custom eBook leveraging relevant and engaging content to be promoted to a highly qualified audience at Engineering News-Record.
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Franklin Electric EV Custom eBook made with BNP Engage


Highlighting Intelligent EV Solutions with a Custom Digital eBook

Franklin Electric EV Systems serves the electric vehicle (EV) charging market by providing both software and hardware solutions. With funding inbound across the nation from the National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) Formula Program, the market is primed for technological advancements from EV industry manufacturers and service providers. With a suite of ways to serve and advance the market, Franklin Electric is uniquely poised to promote industry awareness of their products during this developmental push driven by the Nation’s NEVI initiative.


The Challenges

The EV market is rapidly evolving in a changing landscape, with new companies and professionals becoming involved as the industry grows. With this influx of information and products developing at an expedited pace, Franklin Electric needed a way to stand out and connect with new prospects specific to the EV industry. They also wanted a way to track their marketing efforts with meaningful data in order to both see, and improve, performance.

  1. Franklin Electric needed to stand out to their customers in a noisy marketplace.
  2. With NEVI funding imminent, Franklin Electric needed to reach and convert customers in a timely fashion.
  3. Franklin Electric needed to reach the right audience of decision-makers in the EV industry.
  4. Franklin Electric needed to complement their content with superlative editorial germane to their industry.

The Solutions

BNP Engage created a custom eBook solution that targeted readers who are decision-makers in the EV space. By combining cutting-edge design along with valuable editorial content our team was able to customize Franklin Electric's eBook to perform optimally with the Engineering News-Record (ENR) audience. The resultant eBook was then promoted to ENR readers through direct email, as well as website hosting on

  1. Primary audience was identified as Engineering News-Record readers in the EV charging space.
  2. BNP Engage worked with Franklin Electric to curate compelling editorial.
  3. Our design team crafted an engaging user experience to grab and keep reader's attention.
  4. The final eBook was delivered to the Engineering News-Record audience, resulting in brand exposure as well as qualified leads.
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