Unlocking Flavor: Cargill's Interactive Product Showcase

When Cargill needed to promote their product and gain leads across a highly qualified audience, they worked with BNP Engage to build an interactive showcase that was promoted across multiple digital publications.
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Cargill EpiCor Interactive Product Spotlight


Promoting a PostBiotic Product to Two Separate Publications

Cargill provides food, agricultural, financial, and industrial products around the world, and is at the forefront of creating revolutionary food and beverage products. Cargill wanted to promote Epicor, one of their postbiotic products, to both Prepared Foods and Beverage Industry readers to generate interest in the product and connect with potential leads.

BNP Engage worked directly with the Cargill marketing & design team to provide a highly-detailed and customized approach to the project, focusing on the goals that Cargill wanted to implement in both of the Interactive Product Spotlights due to the differences between the two publications. As a result of BNP Engage's services, Cargill saw an increase in their engagement on their website and a rise in the number of high-quality leads.


The Challenges

BNP Engage was approached by Cargill to create a compelling, interactive online experience to promote Epicor, one of Cargill's postbiotic products. Cargill was focused on implementing an interactive, customized design of their information to their target audience based on prior promotional materials they had already created. BNP Engage was tasked with determining which elements would appeal to Cargill's target audience. They also wanted to reach out to a larger audience and connect with industry professional, gaining meaningful leads and analytics after deployment of the Interactive Product Spotlight.

  1. Identify & Reach the Target Audience
  2. Create Compelling Content
  3. Design an Interactive Experience
  4. Gain Successful Leads After Deployment

The Solutions

BNP Engage worked with the Cargill team and BNP Media designers to develop the design of the Interactive Product Spotlight with success, creating a vibrant and engaging digital experience for the Prepared Foods and Beverage Industry readers. Cargill gained signficiant leads and analytics that helped them determine the next steps for their upcoming campaigns.

  1. Primary audiences were identified as readers of both Prepared Foods and Beverage Industry
  2. BNP Engage worked with Cargill to determine content was to be used
  3. BNP designers included many interactive elements on the IPS
  4. Cargill gained signficant leads that lead to successful ventures
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