Transforming Skylytic's Engagement Through Strategic Content Marketing

This data analytics and IoT company came to BNP Engage to add structure and strategy to their marketing efforts. Our team took the time to learn their business to help them succeed. 


Content strategy for an innovative continuous intelligence solutions company

Our team worked closely with Skylytic's team to establish a comprehensive content strategy. We began by developing detailed buyer personas to better understand the company's target audience and which verticals they wanted to target first. From there, we created a content roadmap that included a variety of content types, such as blogs, case studies, emails and social media posts, all designed to educate and engage their target audience.


The Challenges

Before we began working with Skylytics, their marketing efforts were inconsistent. Their content was not focused on the needs of their target audience, and their social media presence was underdeveloped. Their email campaigns were not reaching their full potential, and they lacked the resources and expertise to create a cohesive strategy. With our help, we transformed their marketing efforts, enabling them to reach and engage their audience in new and meaningful ways.

  1. They lacked content on their website that spoke to the work they've done.
  2. Inconsistent social media presense
  3. They did not leverage email automation to help nurture contacts.

The Solutions

Our team took the information gathered from their personas and audience building to create a content strategy to increase engagement and educate their audience about their services and capabilities.

  1. Drafted consistent content speaking to specific audience needs through blogs and case studies.
  2. Created a consistent cadence of social media posts to education and engage their audience.
  3. Worked closely with them in their CRM to build out email nurture campaigns.

The data behind the first 6 months of the engagement

Through a focused strategy and consistent content, the following represents the improvements made throughout the engagement.
Increase in User Engagement
Increase in Website Sessions
Increase in LinkedIn Followers
case studies

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