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When a Commercial and Industrial Contracting firm needed a website that they could manage effectively and integrate with their CRM, BNP Engage was there to help. 
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Leveraging CMS Hub to Build a Successful Website

BNP Engage worked with EDA Contractors to replatform their website from a dated and prohibitively complicated CRM onto HubSpot. This included Engage's experienced full-stack developers working with EDA's Marketing and IT Teams to plan, develop, test and launch a website built quickly and effectively using CMS Hub.


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The Challenges

EDA Contractors was struggling to maintain and update their website that had been built on an outdated and inefficient CRM. Simple updates like adding new service pages, editing page layouts, and changing the navigation required a developer and added time and cost. The marketing team was stretched thin and making regular edits to update and optimize their website fell by the wayside. The marketing team began creating their own landing pages in their CRM, HubSpot, leading to SEO and UX challenges as users were directed from the primary domain to pages on the HubSpot subdomain.

  1. Primary website built in an outdated CRM, making regular edits and updates costly and difficult.
  2. Using HubSpot landing pages for new pages created SEO and User Experience hurdles.
  3. Marketing team had the resources and energy to manage the website, but needed to be able to make edits without requiring a web developer.

The Solutions

BNP Engage worked closely with EDA Contractors to define and plan the critical requirements of their website, including the features and functionality that needed to be added. After this functional requirements planning phase, Engage's developers worked within HubSpot's CMS Hub to replatform EDA's website. We made full use of HubSpot's Content Management System features and provided custom development to ensure the site was fast, effective, optimized for Search Engines, and complied with Accessibility and User Experience best practices. By replatforming their website in HubSpot's CMS Hub, EDA Contractors regained control of their website as a key part of their digital marketing ecosystem.

  1. We captured critical requirements and planned new features and enhancements through a thorough functional requirement planning phase.
  2. We rebuilt EDA's website on HubSpot's CMS Hub, including a website back-end that site administrators could update and edit with ease.
  3. We worked with EDA's marketing and IT teams to test and launch the new website, and provided training and support to ensure all questions were answered.
  4. EDA gained a website that is integrated with HubSpot, allowing them more control over their entire digital marketing experience.
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