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A tech company finds the perfect fit with Engage: digital marketing success

CTDI was looking for a strategic marketing partner with experience in the tech industry, and they found that in BNP Engage. CTDI is a global leader in the rapidly growing communications, mobility, and consumer devices industries. They’re known for delivering innovative, in-region, and technical supply chain services to telecom carriers, cable companies, and OEMs.

Their team needed an agile, strategic marketing partner with deep knowledge of the tech industry to drive their digital efforts forward. The team at BNP Engage worked closely with CTDI to understand their goals and challenges, and developed a tailored marketing strategy to help them succeed. Together, we created a plan that focused on digital marketing, including SEO, content marketing, and social media.


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The Challenges

CTDI started as a three-person business and, over 45 years, grew to a global corporation with 100+ locations and nearly $2 billion annual revenue. This growth was driven by world-class service, technical innovation, and a strong internal culture. But their brand did not tell this story. After updates were made to the brand identity and logo, CTDI realized they needed a marketing partner who understood the digital landscape in order to create an online brand experience that was on-par with the experience CTDI provides its customers and employees.

  1. Outdated branding
  2. Lack of SEO best practice
  3. Low engagement rate
  4. The mobile experience was not optimized

The Solutions

After collaboration between CTDI and Engage, we launched a redesigned website that positioned them for success. Built on modern technologies, the website improved the user experience, SEO, and brand recognition, setting CTDI up for future growth.

The redesigned website put the user experience first. A streamlined navigation made it easy for visitors to find what they needed, while increased page load speed improved the website's responsiveness. The improved UX and modern feel helped in positioning CTDI speaking to who they truly are, as innovative and future-focused.

But our work with the client wasn’t done. Creative held another in-person meeting to discuss branding opportunities and brainstorm a game plan for upcoming website content. With ideas flying from both our team and theirs, we built a content calendar filled with engaging topic opportunities.

Our work with CTDI continues as we frequently connect to review completed campaigns and projects on the horizon. We’re proud of our strong digital partnership and look forward to continuing to build their online presence for years to come.

  1. Improved user experience
  2. Built on modern web technologies
  3. Updated digital branding
  4. Began social media content highlighting internal culture
CTDI website screenshotCTDI website screenshot

The data behind the first 6 months of the engagement

Through a focused strategy and consistent content, the following represents the improvements made throughout the engagement.
Increase in User Engagement
Increase in Website Sessions
Increase in LinkedIn Followers
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