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Reviewing social media engagement rate and marketing data

Determining what content to post on your social media pages should be informed by data. Get all your key social analytics for Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter in one place with our social media engagement rate calculator! Our free resource will show you which posts your audience liked the most and what are the best times of day for interaction.

So, you’ve been posting on social media. Sometimes you’ll get interactions, and sometimes your social posts get lost in the sea of never-ending content. Are you keeping track of what time your audience is most likely to engage with your posts? Do you know what type of content is the most interesting to them?

Taking full advantage of your brand’s social media should start with strategy. Our Social Media Engagement Rate Calculator will you uncover the best times to post and what content your audience is most likely to find engaging. Download the free tool to begin maximizing your company’s performance on social media!

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