Improve Your Online Reputation

Ever hear the old adage that your reputation precedes you? When prospects Google your business, you want them to read accurate online reviews that show your true business personality. With B2B online reputation management services from BNP Engage, you can be rest assured that prospects will feel good about doing business with you.

Our 3-Step Strategy to Business Reputation Management

Your approach to B2B online reputation management requires a careful strategy to reinforce who you are and the experience you offer. Let’s face it – your customers are making decisions about your business based on opinion. This opinion is formed by reading online reviews from other customers on Google, social media, and other platforms. Use this to your advantage by applying our strategy that will help you attract more customers.

The Key to Effective Brand Reputation Management

Keeping current with your online reviews does not only help you provide better service to your customers. It also encourages more prospects to reach out to you based on the opinions of your satisfied clients. We offer a variety of B2B brand reputation management services to facilitate this process.
Audit your Online Presence

Reputation Management Audit

Our reputation management team will conduct a thorough audit on your brand. We’ll gauge how your customers and employees feel about your brand, uncover any pain points, and offer insights to improve your company’s public perception.

  1. Audit internet profiles and review competition.
  2. Claim existing or create new profiles so that we can better manage the content.
  3. Update profile content to accurately reflect your company.
  4. By thoroughly analyzing customer reviews, social mentions, and other public feedback, you can identify what you're doing right and where you need to improve.
  5. Understanding customer sentiment allows you to tailor your communication and service strategies to better meet their needs.
  6. A strong reputation builds trust, which is a key factor in customer decision-making, especially in B2B relationships where contracts are substantial and long-term.

24/7 Brand Monitoring and Management

Managing your business’s reputation necessitates constant monitoring for any new reviews or news involving your brand. You’ll be alerted if there are concerns and we’ll get to work handling any negative feedback.

  1. Responding to public customer complaints in a timely manner ensures you are able to resolve the issue. Additionally, quick resolutions make it more likely that the customer will update their negative, public comments to more accurately reflect your service.
  2. Prospects are able to see not just the reviews but the company responses, making them equally as important.
  3. Stay up to date with common complaints and feedback to find areas of improvement.
  4. Continuous monitoring allows you to catch negative sentiment or misinformation before it gains traction, enabling preventative action.
  5. In our always-on digital world, customers expect quick responses. Meeting this expectation can set you apart from competitors who may be less responsive.
  6. Efficiently managing your online reputation can have a favorable impact on your search engine rankings.

Reputation Growth Strategy

Whether your reputation is positive, negative, or somewhere in between, there are strategies we can implement to improve. Position your business as the obvious choice to prospects by having glowing reviews across the web.

  1. Develop reputation growth campaigns for key audiences: prospective customers and prospective new hires.
  2. Update your social profiles and content you share to better speak to those audiences.
  3. Track reputation metrics and gather insights to refine your strategy based on what's working and what's not.
  4. B2B transactions often involve lengthy decision-making processes. A robust reputation can speed up these cycles by building immediate trust.
  5. Businesses are becoming more discerning about who they partner with, looking beyond price and product features to aspects like corporate responsibility and ethical conduct.

Let’s Create Your Brand Reputation Strategy

Online reputation management strategies take time and expertise to be successful. At BNP Engage, we have 15+ years of experience building brand reputation strategies for organizations in multiple B2B industries. Let’s work together to accomplish (and blow away) your business goals.
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