Launching A New and Improved

American radio and television host, Michael Smerconish, needed an upgraded website to more efficiently share the daily top news stories featured in his newsletter. 


A high-profile website redesign

The team prides themselves on their unbiased, middle-of-the-road approach to delivering today’s top news stories. Each day, Michael Smerconish’s subscribers receive a newsletter with 20 hand-selected news articles from various independent sources about the latest political and social headlines.

The newsletter also invites subscribers to visit the website to participate in a daily poll about relevant political issues. This poll attracts over ten thousand visitors every day.


The Challenges had grown so large that their existing website platform no longer met the team or the users’ needs. Realizing a full website overhaul was needed, Michael Smerconish sought an experienced website design agency. One of our previous clients referred him to our team, and our adventure together began.

The team’s primary goal for their new website was an updated backend process. A streamlined site that improved the process of curating their daily newsletter was a must. Of course, our team needed to ensure user experience (UX) design best practices were followed along the way.

  1. Ensuring the website followed UX best practices and adhered to web accessibility guidelines
  2. Build a website that can accommodate a high amount of engagement
  3. Develop custom solutions for the Smerconish team for their rapid pace
  4. Improve mobile experience

The Solutions

Working with a high-traffic website like requires extra care and attention to detail. Our Production team pulled an all-nighter (2:00am) to ensure the smooth launch of the redesigned website on October 5, 2022. We're committed to continuous improvement, and we're already hard at work monitoring, testing, and analyzing user behavior.

Engage is immensely proud of all the hard work our teams put in to solve the team’s biggest challenges. The overall response has been very positive. We look forward to continuing our partnership and growing their online presence to new heights.

  1. Built a custom development solution that incorporated the daily newsletter
  2. Introduced a new “Smerch Merch” online shop
  3. Monitor with Dev tools to stay on top of web performance and be proactive
  4. Incorporated revenue-generating opportunities through 3rd party advertising

The data behind the first 6 months of the engagement

Through a focused strategy and consistent content, the following represents the improvements made throughout the engagement.
Increase in User Engagement
Increase in Website Sessions
Increase in LinkedIn Followers
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