Your Ultimate Guide to Local SEO

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benefits of local seo

How Local SEO Can Boost Search Rankings

If you’re breaking into a specific market—whether it’s new territory or your own backyard—how well does your website relate to to local audiences? Do search engines find your claim to city-specific keywords legitimate?

Incorporating local SEO strategies into your digital marketing campaign helps your audience find you and identify you as someone with whom they feel comfortable doing business. Creative MMS uses these Local SEO techniques—among others—to position your company as a local brand.


Regional Keywords Improve SEO

Keyword research is essential to your SEO strategy, but it’s critical when you’re refining your focus to specific regions or municipalities. Let’s say you own a luxury car dealership in Philadelphia. Aside from search phrases such as “luxury vehicles in Philadelphia,” we’ll identify the keywords your competition is using to outrank you… and find out how to outrank them right back.

You’ll also want to find out which latent semantic indexing (LSI) terms and phrases are relevant to your keywords, and use them appropriately throughout your content. LSI terms for your dealership might include anything from mundane driving and automotive terms to other phrases relating to upscale lifestyles and, specifically, the Greater Philadelphia area.


Local Content Strengthens Audience Engagement

Content is more than just filler. Blogs, video, and infographics are essential components of a rich, relatable digital marketing strategy. Informative, consumable, and shareable content helps you build traffic, and keeps your visitors engaged.

Content that’s focused on a specific market “speaks” to that demographic and increases your brand’s relatability. With the right approach, it anchors your brand in an authoritative position. Your theoretic dealership knows all about upscale living in Philadelphia. Your brand character loves to drive luxury cars through the rural countryside for weekends at exclusive spas. Or bed & breakfasts. Or hunting clubs.

Including topics that “speak” to your audience’s tastes on a local level add a whole new, powerfully effective dynamic to the same SEO techniques we apply for broader audiences.

Here are examples of Local SEO topics relevant to “luxury auto dealership in Pennsylvania” which could increase your rankings based on locations:

  • Video tour of our Philadelphia showroom
  • “The Best Pennsylvania Backroads for Testing [your vehicle’s Make/Model’s] Performance”
  • “Luxury Spa Getaways Near Philadelphia”
  • “Our Favorite Philadelphia Auto Shows” 

You can also incorporate nearby towns in your posts as long as they appeal to your demographic. 


Location-Specific Landing Pages 

You might be targeting a number of metropolitan areas with your local SEO strategy. Location based landing pages with graphics, copy text, page titles, and internal links to focused content drives your audience through a sales funnel built specifically for them. You may even subtly adjust your brand voice and tone to suit a particular generation or level of education within your target market.

Adding optimized images with local scenery to your Local SEO landing page helps your target audience connect with you on an emotional level that immediately builds trust.


Work With Our Local SEO Experts

Focusing on Local SEO is a powerful strategy when you need to connect with your target audience locally. Search engine indexing is designed to deliver fast solutions to users, and optimizing for a local audience will make a great impact. Are you searching for a Philadelphia SEO agency? Maybe you’re out of state and need local SEO services. Whichever the case may be, contact Creative MMS today to learn more about optimizing your website to attract local traffic. 

Ben LeDonniNovember 15, 2018by Ben LeDonni