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Engaging B2B Content Strategies for the Less Glamorous Industries

Whenever you come across tips and strategies for B2B content marketing, the one word you’ll keep stumbling across is “engagement.” Increasing engagement requires the creation of gripping content, and this can boost both sales and shareability. Unfortunately, not all industries lend themselves to such exciting content.

After all, how enthralling can financial services, consulting, project management, and similarly non-exciting industries be? If you’re under the assumption that your field is too boring to benefit from B2B content marketing strategies, we’ve got a few things to teach you. Read on, and you’ll be making exciting content in no time.

Focus on the Audience

Focusing on the audience may seem like a common-sense move. Besides, isn’t creating content for potential clients “focusing on the audience” by definition? Unfortunately, no. Simply having content on your website and social media isn’t enough. Readers need a reason to want to read what you’re offering.

Here are a few B2B content marketing tips that will help you focus more on the audience:

  • Find out what your audience cares about and write about it
  • Offer actionable tips and real value in every piece of content
  • Use humor wherever it’s appropriate
  • Utilize storytelling — stories are far more memorable than facts
  • Use compelling headlines to grab attention
  • Quickly get to the point in your content to immediately engage readers


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Any successful B2B content strategy will have to focus on your target audience. Yes, there are no doubt certain industries that lend themselves to more exciting content. After all, it’s easy to see how “5 Top Skydiving Hotspots” might sound more appealing than “What Senate Bill 125 Means For Your Law Firm.”

When your B2B content marketing has a primary focus of engaging your audience though, even the most seemingly bland topics can keep readers immersed.

Make Your Content Easy to Read

Creating the most enthralling content in the world doesn’t necessarily guarantee marketing success. That’s because great content isn’t the only factor to consider. For instance, the previous section mentioned creating a compelling headline. Without one, people may never even click on your piece to see how exciting it is.

This is similar to the issue you’ll run into if your formatting isn’t ideal. Blogs, white papers, eBooks, and similar written content must be easy on the eyes for your B2B content marketing endeavors to prove fruitful. If the content isn’t easy to read, it doesn’t matter how high-quality it is. Try these tips for writing more clearly:

  • Write in short paragraphs, so content is skimmable
  • Break up large blocks of text with images
  • Use bullet points to present lists and facts
  • Break up large blocks of text with pull-out quotes

Notice how the previous paragraph is separated from this paragraph by bullet points? That’s one way to make content easier to read! People want to skim over a piece and easily find the information they’re looking for. Shorter paragraphs and breaking up large blocks of text make content appear less intimidating to readers.

Even if you think your industry is boring, these B2B content marketing tips will keep readers engaged. Using them will maintain focus on exciting content, and even if a certain piece is a bit bland, potential clients will be able to consume it much more easily.

Hire a B2B Content Writer

It can be difficult to handle all of an organization’s promotional endeavors in-house. There’s B2B email marketing, video creation, social media management, and various other needs on top of content requirements. Trying to do all this on your own can be intimidating, and that’s why businesses often use writers from B2B marketing agencies.

The best thing about this B2B content marketing decision is that you’re getting more than just a great writer. You’re also getting someone who is skilled in optimizing content for the web. Their knowledge of link building, keyword utilization, brand voice, and writing styles means you’ll get exciting content that’s also optimized for people to find online easily.

If you’re still leaning toward handling your B2B content marketing on your own, there are resources that can help you optimize your content on your own. Make sure to watch our webinar on Engagement Marketing for some more tips.

Keep Your Focus Narrow

When creating content for a “boring” industry, it’s not necessary to be exciting all the time. The intro is definitely one spot where you want to grab readers’ attention immediately. You also want to break up potential lulls with visual content. While crafting all of this, you must keep your focus narrow.

Choose a single clear idea that will be the focus of whatever you’re writing, and maintain that idea throughout. B2B content marketing has a goal of appealing to potential clients, and if they clicked on your blog/article/whatever-else, they did so because the central idea of the piece caught their attention. Don’t go too broad or stray too far, and your readers will stay interested.

Take B2B Content Marketing Seriously

It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking your business can’t benefit from content marketing. This issue is particularly problematic for those who work in what some may consider a “dull” industry. The reality of the situation, however, is that creating stellar content is vital regardless of what field you work in.

Failure to excel in this area equates to lost profits. BNP Engage understands the importance of B2B content marketing in every industry, and we can build a strategy that helps your business excel. Reach out to us today to learn more, and you’ll quickly see that there’s no such thing as “boring” in the B2B world.

Lauren DevensMarch 28, 2022by Lauren Devens