Why Rebrand? And why now?

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Who Is Creative MMS?

We aren’t the agency we were years ago. We aren’t even the agency we were last year. So much has changed. We’ve grown. We’ve evolved. And, we’ve learned a lot.

From a business owner perspective, I’ve watched the team transform into a group of exceptionally talented individuals, all rowing the boat in the same direction. And, when that started happening, it became clear that each oar was pulling harder than I originally thought, because of how in sync we are as a team, and because of how much everyone cared to help each other.

As a Villanova alumni and fan, I always admired the way the Basketball team picked each other up. Watch the end of a play where a player on the team lands on the ground, and notice how every single player on the team, regardless of where they are on the court, runs over to pick up their teammate. That’s what makes a team great. That’s the team we have now. We help each other, lift each other up, and care about the game we’re playing.

With the great team has come even greater services that we provide today, that we couldn’t provide to this level in years’ past. Our strategies are smarter, stronger and more engaging. Our designs are crisper, neater and more interactive. Our development is more efficient, cleaner and neater. Our attention to detail is better in our marketing campaigns. And, the results show. We reach more people through our campaigns and convert more visitors into leads and customers.

I remember where we came from. We were a small, freelance agency…”two guys and a computer” as I’ve heard before, that would crank out a website in a month, deliver it, then move on. We evolved a few years later into a cool, creative shop that could do more for less and was better than decent at design, development and marketing. And now, we’ve become a powerhouse that can produce amazing user experiences; experiences that start with smart digital marketing that takes website searchers on a journey from Google through our client’s websites. And I really, truly believe in my team, individually, but more as a group.

Rebranding Is A Team Effort

All that being said. We, as a team, decided that our brand didn’t represent the best of our abilities. And, as a team, we decided to rework the look and feel of CreativeMMS from the ground up, to better reflect the team we are today and to demonstrate that we are up with the times. From the logo, through the content on the website, to the design of our site and our business cards.

Ever hear the expression “the cobbler’s children have no shoes”? Well I don’t want to have to excuse our family’s shoes. Sometimes as the cobbler, we need to look down and realize that if our family (our team) is about to step on a different court, we may want to lace up a better pair of shoes before we start running game.

Today, we’ve launched our new brand and are ready to show partners, prospects, clients and the world what we can do through our own brand, website and digital marketing. Game on!

Ben LeDonniAugust 21, 2017by Ben LeDonni