Using the Customer Journey to Create Content

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content and the customer journey

How To Use the Customer Journey to Create Effective Content

Effective marketing content can help your business achieve your digital marketing goals. However, successful content must perform – and that requires storytelling.

Storytelling is a key factor in creating a compelling customer experience. When a company effectively matches its communication strategies with its customer expectations, it aligns content with the customer journey. This content will engage customers and give the business an edge over its competitors.

What is a Customer Journey?

A customer journey is a complete experience a customer has with a business. The path includes both in-person and digital interactions across all channels and devices. Beginning with awareness and continuing through loyalty, a customer journey map identifies touchpoints throughout the customer lifecycle during all stages. Mapping the customer path reveals pivotal points where those opportunities can be optimized.

How to Leverage Marketing Content to Optimize the Journey

Understanding and mapping the customer journey is a way to get inside your target audiences’ minds and identify each persona’s actions. The journey map will uncover opportunities where content can be highly influential in the decision-making process. Useful content will generate leads as prospects engage with the content. And potential customers will turn into active customers as they enter and travel through your sales funnel.

As an example, early-stage content is about creating awareness for your business and brand. It seeks to educate your audience about their “challenge” and help define the problem. When you can offer content that resonates with your audience, you create impactful engagements. This content pushed them into the next stage of the journey as they remain engaged with your business.

The Benefits of Mapping a Customer Journey

Without a solid understanding of the customer journey and how customers engage, trying to plan a content calendar that works is nearly impossible. While you can guess what content may work, using a customer journey map as a resource is a more strategic approach.

Another benefit of mapping the customer journey is taking a look at engagements from another perspective. Creating a map forces you to walk in your customers’ shoes and think through the questions they’ll have along the way.

Matching the Journey with Content

When the map is complete, the content is plotted along the path to coincide with potential points of influence. Early, mid, and late-stage content topics pair with each audience persona during the lifecycle stages of awareness, consideration, and final decision-making. The format for the content matches the audience persona, and the publication channel aligns with both.

All of this information transfers into a content calendar, and content is strategically planned based on timeliness, trends, and the customer’s mindset. The published pieces can exist on their own, and together, they tell the bigger story.

When all of these pieces come together, the implemented content strategy will produce the intended results and successfully contribute to the company’s digital marketing goals.

The Customer Journey must focus on the characteristics of each audience and what they need to move from prospect to customer. At Creative MMS, we approach content creation and distribution with intensive planning on attracting the right target audience. Schedule a call with us to discuss how we can help you create a journey that will produce measurable results.

Jennifer Cohen CromptonNovember 12, 2020by Jennifer Cohen Crompton