Key Takeaways from AHR 2024

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AHR expo for HVAC professionals in mccormick place in chicago

Top insights from AHR Expo 2024

Hello and welcome to Engage University episode 16. In late January, our team attended the AHR Expo in Chicago. This is a huge event for the HVAC industry and after exhibiting ourselves and speaking with other attendees, we have some takeaways that we’d like to share to help your HVAC business stay ahead of the latest trends.



Takeaway 1: Face-to-face still matters

As the dust settles on the AHR Expo floor, what remains etched in our minds is the excitement of in-person connection. Industry professionals from every corner aren’t just open to networking; they’re actively seeking it out.

With over 50,000 attendees walking the floor at McCormick Place in Chicago, the interest in industry gatherings shows no sign of waning. Attending the AHR Event reinforced the value of shared spaces where industry professionals can come together and learn from one another.


Takeaway 2: HVAC marketing strategies are evolving

As any marketer will tell you, staying relevant means staying visible online – and the HVAC industry is no different. Search engine optimization (SEO), targeted advertising, and website redesigns all came up in conversations that our team had with attendees and fellow exhibitors alike.

However, each business’s challenges were unique. Some needed to gain awareness in search results. Some wanted to launch ads and build lead-nurturing workflows. Others had a lot of great ideas, but just didn’t have the marketing team to execute them.

Regardless of the varying challenges that we heard, we consistently found that the HVAC industry is ready to modernize. Contractors are understanding that they cannot rely on word-of-mouth or cold calls to keep their businesses afloat. It’s time to adapt or risk missing out on valuable leads.


Takeaway 3: Sustainability offers a competitive edge in HVAC

Walking the exhibitor floor, it was clear that the HVAC industry is pivoting to smarter, energy-efficient solutions and embracing green technologies more than ever. Enterprises at the AHR Expo displayed a variety of products designed to reduce carbon footprints and operational costs.

These days, consumers aren’t just looking to buy from companies that have the products they need. They’re looking to buy from companies that align with their own values. To succeed in a competitive industry, HVAC professionals should prioritize highlighting their sustainable initiatives and technologies in their online presence. That way, customers can feel good about working with them.


AHR: Shaping the future of the HVAC industry

The AHR Expo revealed an enthusiasm for hands-on networking, a push toward digital transformation, and dedication to sustainable practices. It was inspiring to witness how each of these elements interplay to shape the future of the HVAC industry.

To the many contractors out there: which of these takeaways resonate with your own experiences, and how will they shape your strategies in the year ahead? Stay connected with us for insights and strategies that keep you at the forefront of digital marketing evolution in the HVAC industry.

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Lauren DevensFebruary 19, 2024by Lauren Devens