Building a Team With Amazing Culture

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It’s All About Culture

Strong and amazing culture guards a company’s longevity while driving it toward success. This is especially true for web development agencies that aim to connect and generate results for their users. When agencies build a team with amazing culture, they find that the whole digital marketing team feels united in its mission and sustainability.

A strong culture looks deeply at its impact within the company and on the community locally and worldwide while remaining positive and continuously learning along the way

Passion, Fun, Growth and Learning Engage Employees

A 2018 Gallup study shared that 85 percent of workers operate below their potential due to a lack of engagement on the job. On a global level, that means most employees do their job on autopilot. Employees don’t receive recognition, get to share their wild ideas and miss out on growth opportunities. The team becomes complacent when exposed to the same expectations and mundane stimuli day in and day out.

Building a team with amazing culture requires a human element, and the cornerstones of that are passion, fun, growth and learning. When you introduce these aspects, your team possesses the know-how and drive to generate innovation and exponential impact.

Cultivating Amazing Culture: How We Do It and You Can, Too

It all starts with the hardworking digital marketing experts and team behind the scenes. Each member provides an essential talent and skill set instrumental to the growth of the company and its mission.

At Creative MMS, we value every member of our digital marketing team and strive to make the most of our talents as a collective. We’re more than a web development agency — we’re a work family. Here are a few ways we cultivate amazing culture.

Color and Comfort Generate Connective Creativity

Ideas thrive at Creative MMS, so the muse must live in everything we do and say. For the muse to strike the iron, we need the mood and environment to fit who we are and what we do. Forget gray walls, motivational posters and cubicles. An amazing culture thrives on splashes of color and dashes of comfort.

One of our most effective theories is that color and comfort generate connective creativity. That doesn’t mean our office is an open office plan with standing desks, weird geometric shapes and a custom latte and iced coffee station. We’re not into meditation pods. We’re into bean bag chairs and brightly-colored walls. We stick with the basics and add oomph unique to our brand identity, which is personal.

Yes, We’re All Friends

The work-life balance myth of keeping work and personal lives separate should die the way of the dodo bird. How do you value your co-workers and their contributions if you don’t value them as individual human beings? Digital team members empathize with each other’s professional and personal struggles at Creative MMS, and so do the leaders.

Empowerment and good laughs make the days go by more fully. From ordering in to going out, we love spending time with each other.

Continuous Learning and Growth Matter

To engage both our team and clients, continuous learning and growth must be top priorities at Creative MMS. These two components matter when achieving our overall mission, whether that’s solving a tricky issue for a client or supporting a team member during a triathlon. The mission must include the team with the client.

That’s why we host Thursday Lunch and Learns as our work family get-together. We order pizza and learn about a new topic as a team. We get to know each other better every Thursday.

Join the Creative Culture

Without this amazing culture, we wouldn’t be the strong team we are today. Here at Creative MMS, we work hard and are proud of what we do and provide as we keep growing together.

Contact us to talk strategy, culture and more in one of our comfortable bean bag chairs — but the meeting room works, too.

Ben LeDonniJuly 18, 2018by Ben LeDonni