Top 4 Non-Profit Marketing Tips for Your Business

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marketing tips for non-profits

Improve Your Marketing For Non-Profit

Sure, you’ve heard of non-profits utilizing marketing best-practices from the business world, but the reverse? It’s true—with the help of social media many non-profits are making marketing work for them, in a big way. Check out these 4 non-profit marketing tips that could take your business to new heights…

1 ) Make it personal. Nobody knows how to make things personal like a non-profit. And social media makes it easy! Share the latest news about your business, new products and success stories via email, twitter, Facebook, Instagram and more. If you’re a landscaper, post a local landscape of the week. If you’re a car dealership, post a new car owner of the week. And just about any business has customer testimonials that are ripe for posting (with permission). Build up a following and invite your customers to post their own personal stories. You’ll get to know your customers, familiarize yourself with their wants and needs and bring awareness to a whole new clientele who may not have noticed you before. With a little care and feeding your social media presence will quickly take on a life of its own.

2) Keep it local. Non-profits know that local = loyal. While regional non-profits have the edge here, even nationwide charities know how to keep it local with community events and regional funds earmarked for a specific project. By demonstrating a commitment to the community they are able to forge connections and increase donations. Similarly, businesses with a community-minded spirit who support and invest in the community will reap the benefits of this positive attitude. Local attractions and restaurants can offer discount days and promos for locals. Promote the pride you feel in your community on your website and facebook. Post a photo contest featuring local pics that promote the unique beauty of your area. Offer a prize and put out a call for entries via social media and local media sources. Be loyal to your community and it will be loyal to you.

3) Go public.  Non-profits know how to reach out to the public like nobody’s business. Community events such as an open houses, fundraisers and collection drives put charities on the map. Steal a page from the non-profit playbook and hold an on-site open house that welcomes the community and allows you to demonstrate what you do. Offer a free tour, food, activities for kids. Social media is the perfect way to promote such an event, but don’t overlook traditional media as well. Communicate with local media and the community at large with a press release. Local media is always looking for “what’s happening” stories and if you’re already an advertiser they are even more likely to promote your event before it happens.

4) Have a heart. Non-profits specialize in caring and so can you. Go to social media and show how much you value your customers and the community. If your HVAC company routinely runs criminal background checks and mandates sensitivity training for employees who enter customer homes, promote it! Potential customers will love the fact that you put their safety and security above all else. Does your sign shop donate signage to a local charitable organization? Post all about how you love supporting their cause. Better yet, designate a day of service and rally your employees to pitch in and help. Hear about a local family in need? Spearhead a fund or collection drive. Show how much you care, share your activism and encourage others to do the same. Caring is contagious.

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Ben LeDonniDecember 28, 2016by Ben LeDonni