10 Effective Mobile Ready Website Design Tips

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mobile friendly website design tips

How To Design A Mobile Ready Website

Mobile ready websites can mean the difference between lead generation or a failed digital marketing campaign. In this age of mobile devices, connecting with your target audience can be a chess game between you and your competitors. The one thing to keep in mind is that search engines, such as Google and Bing, want to deliver the most relevant information as quickly as possible. Designing a mobile friendly website can help your business grow, while getting your services and products in front of your customers almost instantly.

Currently, data shows that people in the US are using their mobile devices significantly more for digital media than their desktops. Therefore, it is vital for businesses to have mobile ready websites that are informative and mobile friendly. Here are 10 tips from to follow that will ensure a more successful business through an efficient mobile website.


1.) Touch Button Size

Most people are using either their thumbs or index fingers to navigate through your mobile site. So, keep in mind the average thumb and index finger size and make sure touch buttons are at least 45 pixels in size. This will make for easier navigation and reduce misplaced clicks.


2.) Drop-downs

Use drop-down menus or checklist whenever possible, reducing free entry text. These drop-downs will save time and make for more mobile-friendly website designs.


3.) Responsive Web designs

Creative uses Responsive development to ensure your content will format correctly and neatly to any size screen on various devices. This is important because new devices and dimensions are being built constantly and you have to look good on any screen.


4.) Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

How can you increase visitor traffic and convert them into customers? Use advanced analytics and other KPI platforms to measure multiple variables to convert passive browsers into leads.


5.) No zooming

Users of your mobile website should not have to zoom to read the content. Make sure text size is large and easy to read. If the fonts are too small or buttons hard to click, then this affects the user experience. Google acknowledges this and wants businesses online to reduce user friction. This means make it easy for your site visitors to use your mobile site and this in turn improves the user experience.


6.) Reduce text

Mobile on-the-go users do not want to read long paragraphs of content. Keep content simple and stay clear from being too wordy. No one likes to scroll through or across on a website. Conducting an analysis on the right keyword terms, then adding them into the first content areas of your mobile site will capture their attention quickly.


7.) Mimic desktop

Keep content and navigation similar to your desktop version to reduce unnecessary confusion. This is also necessary because although engines like Google will be focusing more on their mobile indexing, they still want consistency in your message.


8.) Homepage

Companies only have a few seconds to capture their audiences, so make sure the most important content is ‘front and center’. This is best accomplished by following SEO best practices and understanding your target audience.


9.) Less chaos

Less chaos means you have more control of what you want your target audience to focus on. The less a visitor has to think, the faster they may take action and engage with your site.


10.)  Contact Information

Always ensure your company’s contact information is clear and easy to find. Have location, company number(s), and hours of operation easily available.


Strategically Optimize For Mobile

Armed with these mobile ready design tips, your business will be able to reach its goals in no time. We all know that most people use their mobile devices for everything, from ordering food to purchasing solutions that make life easier. Creative is ready to optimize your mobile website to generate more leads and become more successful online. Contact our team of digital experts and help your visitors experience mobile in a whole new way!

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Ben LeDonniOctober 24, 2017by Ben LeDonni