Organize Your Website with a Content Audit Worksheet

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Do you know how well your website content is performing? If the answer is "No", then you're not tracking what content garners the most traffic or engagement for your website, it will be difficult to duplicate - or surpass - their success.

The key to a successful content strategy is maintaining consistency and quality across your shareable resources. What you need is a streamlined way to keep a pulse on all your assets – and more importantly. which assets yield the highest engagement rates.

To do this, start by downloading our content audit worksheet to review your existing resources. Then, you can use the data to transform your marketing strategy.

Use the FREE Content Audit Worksheet to track:

• Analytics for each resource
• Which buyer journey stage your content targets
• Potential gaps in your website’s resources
• And more!

Conducting a thorough content audit will help you keep organized and plan for the future. Download our customizable template to get started!

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Download Your Content Audit Worksheet

Take your content strategy to the next level by compiling and analyzing your existing content resources.