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aligning teams with CRM

How Digital Marketing and HubSpot Partner to Provide Results

Do you wish your sales, marketing, and operations worked more efficiently and effectively?

Far too often, these three “teams” (or roles) aren’t working together towards the same goal. We hear things like, “they don’t seem to be rowing in the right direction,” as they may be siloed and doing their own things. They may be doing their job effectively, but not towards the growth of the company.

As business owners, we all seek to take control of this challenge. We strive to solve it with streamlined communication, common goals, and main KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). And we squeeze them into our goal-setting methodologies like EOS, OKR, and others.

The solution for putting an emphasis towards streamlined revenue growth is called “RevOps” (Revenue Operations). RevOps is the alignment of sales, marketing and customer success towards streamlined operations and increased revenue.



Attract More Qualified Leads with CRM

Let’s dig deeper into where the breakdown lives. Any one of these quotes are the types of things people at organizations that need this level of efficiency will say:

  • “I can’t control whether my Sales team closes the deals. All I can do is make sure we’re bringing them leads.” – Head of Marketing
  • “I usually don’t even care about the web leads ‘cause they’re mostly crap. The marketing team doesn’t bring in quality leads. So, our sales team is forced to rely on our own connections.” – Sales Lead
  • “We have to stop working with these kinds of clients. They don’t appreciate the service we provide and are painful to work with. The sales and marketing teams need to bring in better clients that appreciate the value of what we do.” – Chief Delivery

What if we encouraged more open communication, allowing these roles to be transparent about what’s working for them? In turn, all teams can improve towards a common goal of increased revenue through more “good” clients.

To do so, you need the right technology and proper management tools to work towards unified KPIs. You should establish clear expectations as well in order to deliver success to your customers and clients.

After all, Increased Revenue + Streamlined Process = Increased Profit!

The first piece of the solution is the one we want to focus on most: technology. CRM (customer relationship management) has been around for a long time. Salesforce set a clear standard for what it can do for sales teams. Since then, other companies like SharpSpring, Marketo, and Pipedrive have joined the charge forward. They’re helping businesses keep their customers at the center of operations and their teams on the same page.

However, we’ve noticed that most CRMs focus too heavily on “deal tracking” or on “lead tracking” instead of how to curate a prospect into a deal AND track them through their lifecycle. Enter HubSpot, our preferred technology for RevOps.


Choosing the “Right” Technology

There are several factors to consider when choosing the “right” technology for your business. What we like about HubSpot is that there are solutions for each role, allowing all teams to effectively work together. You can easily set up your workflows and gather the data you need to monitor and optimize the customer’s experience from first touch through to brand evangelist.

Check out HubSpot’s automated workflow tool in action for yourself!

Essentially, this tool breaks through the silos. It gives each party the view they need and aggregates data that focuses on customer success before anything else.

Don’t get me wrong – no CRM or RevOps technology is a “set it and forget it.” RevOps at its core requires you to set a  cadence for your meetings and internal processes, encouraging collaboration between teams. But, the technology gives you the visibility you need to make this pivot around data instead of politics, sentiment or ego.

The road to RevOps utopia can sometimes be complex. This is especially true since the company has grown larger and may have bigger cross-department dysfunctions. Implementation will mean fixing any dysfunctions and breaking through politics by focusing on key metrics. But, as marketers, we like to start with data-driven marketing towards the desired target audience. This will help lead in ideal sales candidates for whom you can best deliver.

It starts with a digital marketing strategy that includes identifying your target audience and discussing what makes a good client with stakeholders. Then, it’s about building out the steps those customers take in their shopping journey. Alongside that, put some numbers towards key marketing goals to reach that audience.

Starting with HubSpot for marketing, we can get the momentum going in the right direction towards selling to your ideal audience.


Attract More Qualified Leads with RevOps & HubSpot

From our experience, trust in marketing teams comes from working towards key metrics and attracting qualified leads. If we do that first, the rest can more easily fall into place with the right people in the right seats working towards their KPIs.

But, we wouldn’t tell you to rush to sign up for a HubSpot demo just yet. First thing’s first: “sharpen your axe” with a solid digital marketing strategy that includes who you aim to reach and how. Take the first step and find out more about our strategic marketing plans. Call BNP Engage today if you need us to help, or download our guide to building a plan yourself.

Ben LeDonniApril 07, 2021by Ben LeDonni