CNN’s Smerconish Relaunches UX-Optimized Website

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PHILADELPHIA, Oct. 5, 2022 — Michael Smerconish, host of “The Michael Smerconish Program” on SiriusXM’s POTUS channel and CNN’s “Smerconish,” partnered with BNP Engage to relaunch his website,, with an emphasis on improved user experience (UX) and to serve as a foundational publishing platform.

“We source 20 curated articles per day and bring in more than 20,000 people to the site for the Daily Poll. We owe it to our community to make the experience enjoyable and easy,” said Smerconish. “And we are really pleased with the results!”

The “unique home base for non-ideological thinking” now boasts an organized design, easy-to-locate content, and a new “Smerch Merch” section with fun items like t-shirts, cigar cutters, and dog toys that sport Smerconish’s iconic purple branding.

To design and build the site, Smerconish turned to BNP Engage, one of Clutch Philadelphia’s Leading Digital Marketing agencies and winner of three 2022 Web Excellence Awards.

“How our users journey throughout the website is very important to us,” said Jeff Aspenburg, Director of Production at BNP Engage. “Our team created a brand new informational architecture. We also improved the business workflow for the backend of the site, saving the Smerconish team about four hours of work a day.”

Some key features include Google Suite Workflows, importing curated articles from a .csv file, and website API integrations with their poll service and email marketing system (allowing them to automate their daily processes and manage a revenue-generating platform). And with 55 million Americans living with a disability, web accessibility was also a must.

As a digital marketing partner to a variety of companies, BNP Engage looks to provide the expertise and services that drive increased revenue and reach through digital marketing technology. To ensure Smerconish is delivering the best content and experiences to its visitors, BNP Engage will continue to monitor user experience through analytics tracking and web page heat mapping.

To learn more about the website rebuild or BNP Engage, contact us today.


About exists as a unique home base for non-ideological thinking. Here, independent viewpoints not tethered to partisan perspective are welcomed and showcased. Opinions of the Left and Right are not ignored but rather offered as part of a balanced presentation. In today’s polarized media landscape, the team prides itself on its unbiased, middle-of-the-road approach to delivering the news.

According to Ad Fontes Media, they are one of the most unbiased outlets for political analysis and commentary in the country with a bias rating of -1.33 points. To see what it’s all about, go to If you’re interested in exploring Smerconish advertising partner opportunities or would like to engage Michael as a speaker, connect with the Smerconish team here.


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