BNP Engage provided a holsitic marketing strategy to a global talent and solutions company from defining audiences and goals to building custom web solutions for digital marketing. 
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Holistic Recruitment Marketing Strategy for a Global Agency

Vaco is a global talent and solutions agency connecting people to their dream jobs and helping companies find qualified talent to grow their businesses. However, they were struggling to attract the right audience to their website and convert new leads. So, they came to our experienced team for an upgraded online strategy.


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The Challenges

BNP Engage first started off as strictly web development support for Vaco’s existing website. When Vaco began reassessing their marketing strategy and expressed that they wanted to get more value from their audience, we gladly stepped in.

To focus on how they could attract more qualified clients, we conducted comprehensive research and analysis of the current site. Our team dug into the existing information architecture, wireframing, SEO. From here, we gained a clearer picture of how the website design could more effectively engage visitors.

With data-driven research, we created their customer personas so the client could develop a deeper understanding of customer needs. Then, we generated a content calendar to address those needs.

However, the client’s ultimate challenge laid in offering a website that could effectively communicate to both businesses and job seekers. Cue our website overhaul.

  1. Needed to define audience personas and customer journeys
  2. Sought to attract two different audience segments, with very different goals, to convert into leads
  3. Multiple locations nationally and internationally needed consistent digital marketing presence
  4. Website needed to integrate with HubSpot CRM

The Solutions

We provided comprehensive UX and UI changes tailored to two distinct audiences, and a UX design that captured Vaco’s outlaw spirit. Our team ensured this would comply with all existing integrations and their content management system.

Following that, we delivered strategic guidance to our client’s development and marketing teams backed by our extensive data. We built a custom WordPress theme that could be used by companies under Vaco's brand umbrella. We also designed and built a new corporate site with updated branding, custom interaction design, an easier-to-administer back end, and solutions for internal and external audiences focused on conversion goals.

  1. Marketing Strategy to define audiences and customer journeys
  2. Custom WordPress theme to update multiple sites that needed to adhere to brand styles
  3. Custom website with easy-to-administer back end
  4. Stand-out custom web design
  5. Ensured Marketing efforts could be tracked successfully in HubSpot through lead generation, tracking, campaign and list support
Vaco website screenshotVaco website screenshot
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