The Reybold Group

BNP Engage helped generate a higher conversion rate, better quality traffic, and real results for a Commercial and Residential Real Estate Development company. 


Real Results for Real Estate: 1.36% Higher Conversion Rate

Reybold has been working for over 50 years to make their clients real estate dreams come true and providing the best experience in each segment of their business. From Construction to Commercial or Residential Leasing, Reybold’s team of experts put commitment to excellence, green building practices, client safety above all. Learn how BNP Engage transformed their presence in the Real Estate industry.


The Challenges

Reybold sought to unify multiple lines of business with diverse audiences in one unified web presence under their corporate brand identity. This presented challenges in ensuring SEO ranking for each area of their business remained strong, paid digital campaigns were measuring conversions accurately, and the data presented back to executives was clear, consicise, and provided actionable insights.

  1. Multiple lines of business with diverse audiences, search intents, and conversion points
  2. Needed a unified online presence with consistent design and voice
  3. No clear way to attribute results to specific efforts
  4. Marketing team stretched thin, needing dependable support and partnership

The Solutions

BNP Engage worked with Reybold to map audiences and digital journeys through a discovery and strategy phase. From here, individual strategies for each line of business were defined to determine SEO keyword and search intent targets, Google Ad campaign budget and messaging, and Conversion Rate Optimization goals.

Now BNP Engage meets regularly with the Reybold marketing team to review the performance of campaigns, make recommendations for improvement, review heatmap and site performance reporting, and provide content and marketing support.

Reybold paid campaigns consistently generate conversion events in a highly competitive market on a budget. Performance and SEO optimization insights result in higher quality site engagement metrics and greater confidence that Reybold is reaching the right audience, with the right message, at the right time.

  1. 7+ years of successful digital marketing partnership
  2. Google Ad campaign strategy, management, and insights delivered monthly
  3. UX and SEO analysis of site performance including Heatmapping, Technical Audits, and more
  4. Reporting, insights and partnership focused on lead generation and conversion
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