International Ground Source Heat Pump Association (IGSHPA)

When IGSHPA needed to innovate their legacy publication for contemporary readers, BNP Engage provided a custom digital solution.
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Bringing Digital Innovation to Reignite a Legacy Industry Publication

The International Ground Source Heat Pump Association (IGSHPA) has been promoting and supporting ground source heat pump technology since 1987. Their legacy of advancing the field of geothermal solutions includes GeoOutlook magazine, an industry-focused publication that started in 2003, before reaching a hiatus in 2020. IGSHPA wanted to renew production of this publication for its readers in 2023, with the hope of achieving a more interactive and user-friendly reading experience through a digital magazine platform. BNP Engage delivered a suite of services customized to IGSHPA’s needs and goals; ultimately delivering a modern, interactive emagazine that is now in circulation.


The Challenges

BNP Engage helped address a number of challenges that IGSHPA faced and were seeking solutions to. IGSHPA had not produced GeoOutlook for a number of years, and needed a turnkey design process executed by a dedicated team. Not only that, but IGSHPA also wanted more insight into how the GeoOutlook publication, and ads, performed with their readers. Another fundamental element that IGSHPA was seeking was customized design that drew in readers with an engaging user experience. Lastly, IGSHPA wanted to broaden their audience reach to industry professionals beyond their mailing list; and garner leads and analytics from new readers.

  1. The GeoOutlook magazine had been on hiatus for several years.
  2. GeoOutlook needed to be able to capture the audience's attention in a new digital-only format.
  3. IGSHPA wanted to increase their brand awareness with industry professionals.
  4. IGSHPA needed a dedicated design and production team that could produce each issue of the GeoOutlook eMagazine on schedule.

The Solutions

BNP Engage worked with IGSHPA to bring the GeoOutlook magazine back into circulation, in an all-new digital format. Our design team focused on a UX that was compelling to existing GeoOutlook readers as well as new audience members. We also increased GeoOutlook's exposure by deploying a brand email from both The NEWS and Engineered Systems (ES) publications, targeting IGSHPA's prime audience.

  1. We expanded IGSHPA's key audience beyond current members to include readers of The NEWS and Engineered Systems.
  2. Our team designed a custom eMagazine experience around the content for GeoOutlook.
  3. The GeoOutlook magazine was delivered to both The NEWS and ES audiences, as well as to IGSHPA's current mailing list, enhanicing the eMagazine's exposure.
  4. BNP Engage also provided IGSHPA with analytics data as well as qualified leads from the issue deployment.
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