ABS Website Redesign: Enhancing User Experience and Accessibility

The American Board of Surgery (ABS) is an independent, nonprofit organization that provides board certification to individuals in the field of surgery. Their vast and intricate website was technically complex, difficult to navigate, and couldn't be easily edited by their team. That's why they came to our team at BNP Engage.
The American Board of Surgery 
ABS surgical team


Simplifying a Complex Website

After finding BNP Engage on Clutch, ABS reached out to our team needing a website design agency to help organize the various resources housed on their existing site. After building the website themselves on an outdated platform with no centralized content management system (CMS), the client struggled to update and even locate the large number of resources housed on their site.

While the website housed a wealth of information, its structure was complex and the branding did not fully communicate the client's authority. It was clear that a full website redesign was needed to elevate the user experience – both for their audience and their internal teams.

Our solution centered on an extensive Information Architecture (IA) development process and brand redesign for ABS. Through collaborative work sessions with the client, we identified key areas needing attention and identified the right places to house each piece of content.


ABS website design

The Challenges

The website proved to be a labyrinth with repetitive content, outdated visual design, and a back-end that was unfriendly to employees outside the client's dev team. With no centralized system for content management, it was difficult for users to find the information they needed.

Our team combed through the website to identify each resource and ensure no stone was left unturned. While we didn't touch the portal that managed their contacts and allowed physicians to log into the backend, we worked closely with the client's IT team to integrate their portal with the rest of the website.

  1. Build a custom CMS that featured course dates, costs, and background information
  2. Enhance the user experience by developing an organized megamenu and custom sidebar navigation
  3. Establish colors and fonts across assets with a strategic brand redesign
  4. Handle building templates and importing resources for 300+ pages

The Solutions

Our solution centered on delivering an extensive Information Architecture (IA) development and website redesign for ABS. Through collaborative work sessions, we identified key areas needing attention, ensuring the website not only looked professional but felt welcoming.

By creating easily editable templates and empowering ABS's team to manage simpler web pages, we delivered on the client's needs while working within their budget.

The redesigned ABS website now stands as a testament to accessibility and ease of use, fully capable of serving its audience’s comprehensive needs. As a result, the client and their audience can now engage with a website that's both informational and intuitive.

  1. Brand Redesign: Streamlined color palette and typography to reflect ABS's reputation.
  2. User Experience Audit: A deep dive into UX to overhaul navigation and align with best practices.
  3. Collaborative Content Classification: Involved the client in meticulous sorting and structuring of web content to ensure precision and clarity.
  4. CoreResources: Implemented a specialized repository for scheduling, managing tests, fees, and course information.
  5. MegaMenu and Sidebar Navigation: Custom-developed navigation to help users find the right information.
custom resource center on abs' websiteexam dates and fees screenshot
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