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How to Build A Share-Worthy LinkedIn Content Strategy

Welcome to episode 17 of Engage University! Today, we’re discussing how B2B brands can elevate their LinkedIn content strategy in 2024. We’ll be diving into the latest trends, algorithm updates, and things to avoid when posting to LinkedIn.

To help cover these topics, we sat down with a LinkedIn expert, Colleen McKenna. Colleen is the CEO and Founder of Intero Advisory, a LinkedIn, branding, and recruiting enablement consultancy based in Baltimore. Read on to find out what you need to know about LinkedIn in 2024 (and beyond)!



Optimize Your LinkedIn Network

As they say, “It’s not what you know – it’s who you know.” On LinkedIn, that’s absolutely the case. Connecting with the right people and leveraging your employees to enhance your company’s visibility stands out as a pivotal strategy.

It’s just about creating a network. It’s also important to engage meaningfully with potential collaborators who can significantly impact your brand’s reach.

Employees also play a crucial role in amplifying your company’s content. As LinkedIn continues to refine its features and algorithms (more on that soon), the emphasis on authentic engagement and strategic connections has never been more essential.

By deliberately networking and effectively mobilizing your workforce, your brand can substantially increase its LinkedIn reach.


Leverage LinkedIn Scheduling Tools

Posting to LinkedIn manually every day can be time-consuming. But with tools like Hootsuite, Buffer, and LinkedIn’s native scheduling feature, you can take about an hour at the beginning of each week to plan out several days of content. That way, it’ll be much easier to maintain a consistent presence.

Hootsuite and Buffer may work best for larger teams due to their capabilities for crafting original content across platforms. But if your business solely posts to LinkedIn or if you’re only looking to schedule posts for yourself, LinkedIn’s content planning feature is a great (and free) option.

Whether you’re posting to your own network or on your company page, keep your audience in mind. Posting consistently will do nothing to help your reach if the content you’re sharing is irrelevant to your connections or followers.


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Avoid Common Posting Mistakes

Like any social media platform, LinkedIn has its own unique algorithm and set of standards. Staying on top of these can make or break your engagement rates.

A critical mistake that many businesses make is overusing hashtags. LinkedIn’s algorithm has never liked more than three or four hashtags in one post. Now, LinkedIn is saying that users can fully understand the context of a post without them.

Speaking of hashtags, users also often post hashtags that have little to no engagement. If nobody is following a hashtag, adding that hashtag to a post serves no purpose. Due to these recent changes, it may be best to phase hashtag use out of your LinkedIn marketing strategy.

Another common mistake is tagging an excessive number of users in a post. Unless tagged users engage right away, the post may not show up on your network’s feed at all. It’s best to tag sparingly, ensuring those tagged are likely to interact with the content.


Stay on Top of the Latest LinkedIn Changes

LinkedIn is continuously evolving, so it’s important for users to stay updated with the latest updates. A recent major change is that LinkedIn is phasing out creator mode, a feature designed to spotlight content creators.

Many have stumbled into activating the content creator feature since it allows them to host LinkedIn Live, send newsletters, and feature up to five hashtags on their profile. However, they may not have realized that the ‘Connect’ button switches to a ‘Follow’ button, creating ambiguity for users who may have just wanted to add someone to their network.

LinkedIn’s removal of the creator mode feature emphasizes the diminishing role of hashtags on the platform. Prepare to see creator mode fade into the backdrop as LinkedIn rolls out their latest updates.


Optimize Your LinkedIn Presence for Continued Growth

Enhancing your LinkedIn content strategy requires staying informed and adaptable. Whether you’re using LinkedIn to enhance your company’s visibility, expand your network, or share your expertise, understanding the latest changes is key to making the most out of your experience.

Remember – authentic engagement and strategic networking remain at the heart of LinkedIn’s potential. Ready to boost your social media strategy in 2024? Check out Intero Advisory and subscribe to BNP Engage on YouTube for the latest in web design, development, and marketing insights!

Lauren DevensFebruary 29, 2024by Lauren Devens