How To Give Your Agency Feedback

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How to Give Feedback to an Agency as a B2B Business Owner

As a B2B business owner, you have a lot of responsibilities and challenges. You need to manage your operations, finances, employees, and customers. You also need to market your products or services to your target audience and stand out from your competitors.

But, marketing is not your core competency. You don’t have the time, skills, or resources to create and execute a marketing strategy that can help you grow your business. So you’ve finally decided to go with a web design agency. You’re ready to hand off the work to someone else, kick back, and put your feet up, right? Not so fast. We all know nothing good comes quite that easy.

Hiring an agency is not enough. You also need to give feedback to the agency throughout the project to make sure that they understand your goals, expectations, and preferences. Feedback is important for creating a strong relationship, collaboration, and alignment between you and the agency.

But giving feedback is not something you’re used to. You may feel nervous, unsure, or uncomfortable about how to communicate with the agency. You may also worry about offending the agency, ruining the relationship, or wasting time and money.

That’s why we’ve created this list to help you give feedback to an agency as a B2B business owner.

Here are five tips to help you communicate clearly, constructively, and confidently with the agency.

Be Specific: When giving feedback, don’t use vague or general statements that can confuse the agency. Instead, be specific and concrete about what you want, what you don’t want, and what you want to change. For example, instead of saying “I don’t like the color scheme”, say “I think the blue is too dark and doesn’t match our brand identity. Can we try a lighter shade of blue or a different color?”.

Be Timely: When giving feedback, don’t delay or procrastinate until the end of the project or after the project is done. Instead, give feedback as soon as possible and throughout the project. This way, you can avoid misunderstandings, prevent rework, and keep the project on schedule. For example, instead of saying “I don’t like the logo you designed for us”, say “I have some concerns about the logo you sent us yesterday. Can we schedule a call to discuss it today?”.

Be Constructive: When giving feedback, don’t just complain or criticize the agency. Instead, be constructive and positive about what you want to achieve and how the agency can help you get there. For example, instead of saying “This website is terrible”, say “This website has potential, but it needs some improvements. Here are some suggestions on how we can make it better”.

Be Respectful: When giving feedback, don’t be rude or disrespectful to the agency. Instead, be polite and professional and treat the agency as a partner. Remember that the agency is working hard to help you succeed and that they have expertise and experience that you can benefit from. For example, instead of saying “You don’t know what you’re doing”, say “I appreciate your efforts, but I have some questions about your approach”.

Be Open-Minded: When giving feedback, don’t be stubborn or closed-minded about your opinions or preferences. Instead, be open-minded and willing to listen to the agency’s perspective and rationale. You may discover new ideas or solutions that you haven’t considered before. For example, instead of saying “This is not what I asked for”, say “This is different from what I expected, but I’m curious to hear why you chose this direction”.


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By following these tips, you can give feedback to an agency as a B2B business owner and ensure a successful collaboration. Feedback is not only a way to express your thoughts and feelings but also a way to learn from each other and grow together.

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