Maximize the Value of Your Virtual Signature Event

Virtual Events webinar

The experience of a physical event is hard to replicate virtually. Amazing fundraising or tradeshow events with meals, drinks, and on-stage speakers have been replaced with virtual events trying to emulate the experience. Zoom fatigue is real! So, how can your business effectively engage your audience at your next online event?

The marketing strategists at BNP Engage partnered with 20/20 Visual Media to share our proven tips on what to do before, during and after your event. You’ll learn how to maximize the marketing investment, maximize the experience, and minimize any loss in opportunity due to poor planning.

Online events have skyrocketed since 2020. From informative webinars to online game nights, going virtual has been the go-to method for brands to continue nurturing client relationships and creating positive experiences. But what goes into planning, promoting, and hosting a successful virtual event?

In this pre-recorded webinar, we discuss:

• How to best prep for a successful virtual event experience
• Key things to think about before you start promoting the event
• Where best to promote your event to maximize attendance
• Best practices to improve production value during your event
• How to leverage your event to create evergreen content

Learning the ropes of hosting an online event can be stressful. Watch our webinar to help relieve this stress and start building a solid strategy.

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Top Strategies to Run A Successful Virtual Event

Hosting an engaging webinar or virtual experience requires planning. Learn how to capture your audience’s attention with key strategies from the experts.