What Type of Website Does My Small Business Need?

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Does Your Business Have A Website?

Despite the growing demand for technology in the workplace, many small businesses still don’t have a website. A survey conducted by the Washington D.C.-based research firm Clutch revealed that 71 percent of all small businesses have a website, and of those 92 percent said they’ll have a website by the end of 2018.

There are several types of websites that small businesses use, such as e-commerce and lead generation. You may also opt for a third-party integration, such as HubSpot, Wishpond or a CRM platform like Salesforce. You’ll also have to choose a content management system like WordPress to design your site.

What Is An E-commerce Website?

This type of website is used to sell products and services. It can be used both by brick and mortar stores and companies that sell primarily online. It’s actually an online store, which guides shoppers to categories or departments where they pick the item or service they want, and then add it to a cart. The site gives customers several convenient options to pay, including check, credit card, or a payment system like PayPal.

What Is A Brochure Website?

This is a digital version of a printed brochure. It’s simpler and less expensive to create than most other commercial websites, largely because it’s small, and its format is generally fixed. Smaller brick and mortar companies like hair salons, veterinarians and auto repair shops that can’t easily sell their services online usually pick this option.

What Is A Lead Generation Website?

The object here is to generate more business by building an online presence. Considered more advanced than a brochure website, it has content designed to build trust and entice people to come back. There are several ways to generate leads, including webinars and demos, online networking, resource guides and white papers, email marketing and pay-per-click advertising, where advertisers pay every time someone clicks on one of their ads.

What Is A Magazine Style Website?

This type of website is similar to the brochure website, but is more advanced. Intended to inform and entertain, this type of website contains ads related to the site’s content. It is conducive to companies that use blogs and affiliate marketing. Businesses that market products by multiple manufacturers often use this type of website.

What Type of Website Do You Need?

You may still be asking yourself, “What type of website does my business need?” We’re glad you asked! Our Digital Discovery and Strategy process is designed to help you make the most appropriate decision. Let’s work together to discuss the best website solution for your small business.

Ben LeDonniJuly 14, 2017by Ben LeDonni