What Is Digital Project Management: 4 Stages to Success

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digital project managers plan for success

What is a Digital Project Manager?

It’s unlikely you learned what a digital project manager does when you were in school, but now you need one. At least you think you do, but you’re not exactly sure what a project manager in digital marketing does.

A digital project manager oversees and streamlines the management of online projects from concept to completion. Project management requires planning, delegating, tracking, reviewing, and measuring  results. A project manager schedules project meetings, assigns and schedules tasks.

They also strategically direct team members, work within budgets, and assess the success of the digital project. A good project manager must manage time, manage resources, delegate to a team, and stay organized. They often employ team members that work remotely, so it helps if he or she has command of collaboration technology.


Digital Project Management: 4 Stages to Success

Digital Project Management requires 4 stages for success.

  1. Discovery. Understand the client’s vision and goal. A project manager does not work alone. Nor do they carry out their own vision. They’re charged with bringing forth the vision of the client. This requires a clear understanding of what the client wants. It involves regular communication with the client to make sure the project meets client expectations.
  2. Planning. A project manager must be extremely organized. Once the project manager understands the vision and goals of the project, the planning begins. The plan details the specifications and requirements of the project. If the digital project involves a creative process, the creativity initializes during the planning stage. Expert project management ensures that all stakeholders approve the plan before it proceeds.
  3. Production. Production begins with taking care of things on the back end. The back end system and coding serves as the foundation for a successful digital product. This involves A/B testing and debugging the project. Once the management team takes care of the behind the scenes aspects, it’s time to complete the design. Key stakeholders offer input during the design process and help polish the final product.
  4. Launch and Maintenance. With large projects, allocate enough time for the launch stage. A project manager’s attention to detail brings a huge reward during a project launch. He or she must communicate patiently and directly with the client and team members to make sure the project outcome matches the client’s goals. Once the project launches, ongoing project management support helps the client achieve the vision.


Digital Project Managers Plan for Success

Digital projects need a manager and a team of experts driven by one goal: to give your business a powerful, memorable, and successful presence in the digital world. Discover for yourself how Creative can bring your goals and vision to life through expert project management.

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Ben LeDonniOctober 31, 2017by Ben LeDonni