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Creative’s 25 Days of Kindness Recap

Kindness starts within and when you help others it shows. During our 25 Days of Kindness, we shared the love every chance we could. This wasn’t for notoriety, but because the world could use a little more kind deeds these days.

At Creative, we see kindness through actions and not just words. It’s the simple things in life that can make the greatest impact. If our simple acts inspired you to do the same, send us some feedback…we’d love to hear about it.

We had so many acts of kindness this holiday season that we wanted to share some that went well over 25 days. When you see someone in need or just want to show appreciation, let’s all remember that you don’t have to wait for Christmas to change someones life. It’s the little things that matter, and every little bit helps.

More Good Deeds & Kindness

  1. Bought a Box of Joe and a dozen donuts from Dunkin Donuts for the local firehouse near our @creativemms office.
    kindness with box of donuts
  2. First snow of the year wasn’t too hard to shovel, so I went ahead and shoveled out all the houses on my side of the block.
    helping to shovel snow
  3. A childhood friend is applying to graduate programs in philosophy of psychiatry—but he doesn’t have a background in philosophy. My bachelor’s is in philosophy so worked on his entrance essays with him. We spent several hours talking through his thoughts, and we were able to get his thoughts articulated more clearly.
    helping a friend write
  4. My parents are retired and travel for the winter.  They are missing their grandkids this winter so I sent them a care package full of treats, pictures & momentos to remind them of home.
    care package for parents
  5. We went to the Montgomery SPCA to donate food, toys and visit the shelter animals. @animalrescuers
    visiting the SPCA
  6. We worked with the Boys Scouts(@boyscouts) to donate pajamas & books to the Pajama Program(@PajamaProgram) for needy children around the country.
    donating pajamas

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Ben LeDonniDecember 26, 2017by Ben LeDonni