How To Improve Website Copy

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how to improve website copy

Improving Your Content Through Writing

Have you ever asked the question, “So, I have a website, why am I not getting visitors?” Perhaps you need to take a look at the content on your site, more specifically, the copy. Not only does it need to be free of spelling and grammatical errors, it also needs to engage your visitors.

Make Sure Your Website is Error-Free

I have seen countless websites riddled with spelling and grammatical errors. If you’re not the best writer, perhaps you should look into hiring a professional Copywriter, or at least have someone proofread your content before you put it on the site. Errors look unprofessional and will immediately lower your standing with potential customers and clients. There are thousands of English majors out there who would love to freelance for you. Just make sure that they are experienced website writers with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) training and are familiar with Google Adwords to incorporate the top keywords on your site. You can easily find a freelance Website Copywriter through job sites such as or LinkedIn. Most have an online portfolio for you to conveniently review their work.

How To Best Optimize Your Copy

SEO is how search engines (like Google) find your website to include in a list when someone is doing an online search. You need to be sure to include the most-searched-for keywords in your copy that pertain to your website. Google Adwords has a free keyword planner that will allow you to find which keywords are being searched the most.

  1. Search for new keywords using a phrase, website or category
  2. Get search volume data and trends
  3. Multiply keyword lists to get new keywords.
  • Select the second link to find the top keywords for your company. This is the search I always use while writing to ensure the best SEO results. For example, if you’re looking for a company to design your website, the top two keywords to use within your copy are “web design company” and “web designer,” which you want to include as long-tail keyword terms, or part of a full statement, so you’re providing useful information and not just keyword stuffing.
  • Also, in the first link, Google Adwords will provide you with the top Ad group ideas for paid advertisements. If you really want to improve your ranking with search engines, however, Google Analytics is a more in-depth program that shows how your website is performing. Creative: MMS is very proficient in Google Analytics and can meet all your business’ online marketing needs. But not only do you need to have SEO copy, your website also needs to be engaging.

Engaging Copy: Laughter is the Best Medicine

Using humor is a great way to stand out and become more attractive to readers. Think of your favorite TV ads, especially Superbowl commercials. The ones you remember were usually the funniest, right? Or the Budweiser puppy getting found by the Clydesdale horses, you can never go wrong with puppies. But I digress… Write using a witty voice or think about the humorous aspect of your products or business. Clorox, for example, has honed in on their main audience, parents, and has created very funny advertisements showing all the reasons parents need Clorox wipes, such as when your child uses the bathtub instead of the toilet. If you’re having trouble finding a way to incorporate humor, being informative is the next best thing.

Make Your Website Informative

Unfortunately, humor can’t always be used for every business. You can, instead, be incredibly informative about your area of expertise. Try answering even the most basic questions your customers may have. According to Steve Rayson from the Content Marketing Institute, “In my research, good answer posts do consistently well when it comes to links but are often overlooked by content marketers. This is particularly true of basic questions. What may seem too basic to you can be helpful to new people joining the industry. Answering the questions your customers are asking remains one of the most powerful forms of content marketing.”

Put Your Best Face Online

Your website is the face of your company. Today, online search and shopping is the primary way people conduct business. In turn, the copy on your website directly reflects how others perceive you and whether or not they want to do business with you, and it is essential to get it right. If you’re looking to improve your website, please consider Creative: MMS. We make it our business to take your website to the top.

Ben LeDonniApril 13, 2017by Ben LeDonni