How to Connect With Millennials

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Digital Marketing to Millennials

When marketing your product, exploring the available demographics is a must. Today,
Millennials are one of the largest target audiences, with the highest potential spending
of any generation. Generation Y, as they’re also known as, use technology at an alarming rate,
communicating on social media and private messaging platforms more than previous

This means that in order to reach them, your company must learn and adapt to
new technologies and social media platforms, expanding as they do.

When a company fails to market to Millennials effectively, it’s usually because they
employed methods that would have worked for previous generations. To appeal to
Millennials, advertising must be:
• Brief
• Entertaining
• Funny
• New
• Unique
• Informal
• Relevant to them and their values

Using Social Media to Boost Awareness

What’s more, most Millennials are self-aware, meaning they understand that they are being marketed to and will respond negatively to attempts to pander. They want products that align with their personal values, and will respond well to discounts and to offers from companies they already trust (such as Gucci, Nordstrom, Playstation, and Netflix).

When marketing digitally, it’s important to keep close to social media (as most Millennials are active in two or more social media sites and “touch” more than two electronic devices daily) and to remember to offer discounts, offers, and anything that can satisfy a need for instant Gratification.

Keeping tabs on digital marketing for Millennials will help your company even more in the long run, as studies show that Millennials affect the shopping habits of their parents. If your company draws in one demographic, it may bring in another as well. Sticking to social media advertising and quick, easy-to-access offers and ideals will bring Millennials to your company the fastest.

Once you understand their behaviors and are able to craft content based on their likes and dislikes, designing an engaging business website is what’s next. Building loyalty can not come from data alone. It comes from delivering value that’s long term and rewarding that Millennials can see to believe. With a little bit of Digital Discovery and Strategy, you’ll be able to reach them in ways they have come to understand and trust.

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Ben LeDonniAugust 11, 2017by Ben LeDonni