Top 4 Digital Marketing Trends in 2018

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digital marketing trends for 2019

Digital Marketing Helps Business Growth

Digital marketing has already established itself as a business owners’ top business initiative. With the number of consumers present online, it makes sense that business owners are more focused on getting right in front of their potential customers. With that said, the future of digital marketing appears to be bright as business owners are expected to refine their marketing strategies for more precise targeting by tapping into everything that the digital world has to offer.

Business owners have been leveraging the power of the internet for some time now. Doing things such as managing social media, leveraging social media influencers, personalizing email campaigns, and going mobile have been some of the efforts that businesses have made in an attempt to gain more customers.

While these marketing efforts have been successful, business owners are looking towards the future of digital marketing to strengthen their position in their respective markets. Here are 4 digital marketing trends that business owners can look forward to in the future:


Top 4 Digital Marketing Trends for Businesses

1. Improved Display Ads 

Display Ads are going to become more important for business owners. These ads will primarily focus on 3 things:

  •  Interest targeting: Choosing the right topics helps businesses get in front of a relevant audience to boost sale conversions 
  • Contextual targeting: Contextual targeting helps business owners figure out where their ads should be displayed. Business owners create a list of keywords for Google to use to help them find potential sites 
  • Demographic targeting: Demographic targeting helps business owners segment their target audience more precisely for better results by focusing on things such as gender, location, and age.

Display ads will be more engaging and precise, helping business owners to stand out and get ahead of the competition. These types of ads will also expand a businesses’ reach and help generate solid leads. It is certainly easy for people to get bombarded with information through the internet. However, a well-defined and engaging display ad will help business owners communicate to potential customers more effectively.

2. Emphasis on Reviews

Businesses are going to become more reliant on reviews to gain new customers. Reviews have always been an important factor, but businesses are looking to hone in on this aspect of their marketing strategy as reviews go a long way in the online world. Essentially, online reviews help to establish trust, which can be difficult. Reviews will bring traction to your business as word-of-mouth marketing is one of the most effective ways to gain customers. Loyal customers will help breed more loyal customers by sharing their experiences online.

3. More Social Ads

Social ads will take front and center moving forward. Social media platforms have done an excellent job in executing tools to help business owners connect with their target audience. For this reason, businesses will be putting more focus on managing their social media accounts to not only boost engagement but generate solid sales leads. In fact, business owners are going to focus on spending more time managing their social media accounts to connect with customers or hiring social media managers for more efficiency.

4. Video Engagement

Incorporating video marketing is an extremely important strategy for businesses globally. Whether businesses are creating an advertisement about their product or service or creating engaging content for their audience, there is no doubt that video is most effective in connecting and engaging your audience. You can expect for business owners to spend more money to produce quality productions for their audience to help them gain a competitive advantage. In fact, studies show that business video marketing is a $135 billion industry in the U.S alone.

Digital Marketing Brings Success

When it comes to business, digital marketing is here to stay. The online world has opened up the door for businesses globally to expand their reach and gain new customers. While many businesses are still searching for the right strategies to leverage the internet, business owners are aware that the possibilities of digital marketing are endless.

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Ben LeDonniAugust 30, 2018by Ben LeDonni